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Adventure of Link: Heart and Magic Containers

Link starts out with 4 Heart and Magic Containers and can get 4 more of each kind in the game. They are all spaced out in the kingdom, but usually you'll get a set of 1 Heart and 1 Magic Container fairly close to each other.

Heart Containers:

1) Due south of the first palace, you'll find a road leading to a small forest. (One of the road squares is a battle square with numerous pits and bubbles. Shouldn't be a problem.) Go to the patch of grass in the middle of the woods. The Heart Container will be to your right, guarded by an Orange Goriya. (Deal with the Goriya first - the Container will heal you anyways!)

2) After you get the Hammer, Go to the road from which you'd head west for the second palace. Instead of going west, though, walk east. Whack the rock guarding the cave, and a Heart Container will be at the end.

3) When you get the Boots, walk into the sea as you would to get to the fifth palace. After some walking, however, move north four spaces, then continue east. You'll come across a "battle" square with a mountain holding the third extra Heart Container.

4) Search the beach around the sixth palace, around the south-east corner of the world. The final Heart will be in that area.

Magic Containers:

1) Go south from where you start the game. You'll find a cave to the south and slightly to the east of the castle. I suggest going here before the first palace, even if you don't have the candle. After beating up on some Lowders and Octoroks (in the dark, you'll be able to see the Lowders crawling around if you keep a close eye on the ground. The Octoroks should be dead ringers - they're in the gaps!), the Magic Container is at the end of the cave.

2) After getting the Hammer, immediately use it on the rock right next to the cave from which you emerge. The Container is at the bottom.

3) In Maze Island, when you're given a choice between two L-shaped corridors, choose the outer one. One of the road squares is a hidden pit, leading to the next Magic Container.

4) In the hidden town of Kasuto (which can be found by traversing the north-east cave in the vicinity of the sixth palace and using the hammer on the second tree from the first row of four), be sure to talk to an old lady dressed in blue. She'll say something to the tune of "You'll need my help" and let you in. You'll find the last Magic Container in the back room of her house.

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