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Adventure of Link: Game Genie Codes

For all you cheaters out there, here is a list of The Adventure of Link codes taken from in the Game Genie codebook:

  • SZKGKXVX   -   Infinite lives
  • PASKPLLA   -   Start with 1 life
  • TASKPLLA   -   Start with 6 lives
  • PASKPLLE   -   Start with 9 lives
  • AZUOLIAL   -   Higher jump
  • OYKEEVSA+NPKEOVVA   -   Swap Shield Spell for Fire Spell
  • LYKEEVSA+VAKEOVVE   -   Swap Shield Spell for Spell Spell
  • LZKEEVSA+OPKEOVVA   -   Swap Shield Spell for Fairy Spell
  • IIKEEVSE+VAKEOVVE   -   Swap Shield Spell for Life Spell
  • VTKEEVSA+OPKEOVVA   -   Swap Shield Spell for Thunder Spell
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