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The Adventure of Link
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Adventure of Link: Items

  • Bag of Experience points: The bag varies from 50 to 200 exp points
  • Blue Potion: Fills up some of your magic meter
  • Red Potion: Fills up all of you magic meter
  • Heart Container: Adds another meter block to your life
  • Magic Container: Adds another meter block to your magic
Special Items
  • Candle: Allows you to see in the caves that are black (Parapa Palace)
  • Hammer: Allows you to break through the big boulder road blocks (Hammer Cave)
  • Power Glove: Allows you to break through bricks in dungeons (Marsh Palace)
  • Boots: Allow you to walk over certain parts of the ocean (Maze Palace)
  • Raft: Allows you to cross the river (Island Palace)
  • Whistle: Kills the dreaded water devil and opens up the next palace for you (Ocean Palace)
  • Magic Key: Very handy. Allows you to open locked doors. It's a shame you don't get it any earlier (Hidden Town of Kasuto)
  • Holy Cross: Allows you to see enimies you couldn't see before (Deserted Palace)
Spells and Locations
  • Shield: This spell decreases your damage by half. Essentially doubling your life! Find the house in Rauru that offers it. That's all.
  • Jump: This spell allows you to jump twice as high! Find the Trophy in the cave north of the starting point. Take it to Ruto for the spell.
  • Life: This spell increases your life buy three, can be a bit expensive early in the game, though. In the third "open" house of Saria, check under the table. You should be saying "I found a mirror." Take it to the woman who, obviously, lost her mirror. She'll let you in her house for the spell.
  • Fairy: This spell let's you transform yourself into a fairy. You can fly to extreme heights and maneuver past dangerous terrain. Get the medicine in the swamp cave blocked by a boulder and take it to Mido. The spell will be yours.
  • Fire: This spell turns your sword in to a flame saber which shoots fire balls at the enemies. Just remember, when all else fails, use fire. In Nabooru, you'll meet a woman who is thirsty. Not too far away from her is a fountain. "Talk" to the fountain and go back to the woman, and she'll let you in for the Fire Spell.
  • Reflect: This spell reflects wizards attacks and allows you to block flames. Save the child from the cave in Maze Island. Go to Darunia, and you'll be rewarded from your heroic efforts with the spell.
  • Spell: This spell is useful in two ways. It allows the Hidden Town of Kasuto to reveal the Magic Key. It is also turns most enemies into harmless blue blobs. This is very helpful late in the game.
  • Thunder: Hits all enemies for damage, and kills most instantly. However, it uses of a lot of magic. Go to the non-hidden town of Kasuto. Enter the first house and get the Thunder Spell.
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