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The Purpose of Prequels

Written by Josh on Saturday, May 26, 2001

Hello, my name is Josh and I am the webmaster of Zelda Quest. I am here to discuss prequels and why they have 'em. Prequels are to inform us of what happened before the events that we played in the last game. In this, I say why have em! I mean we already know whats gonna happen! For me it makes the game boring. We already know that Link kills Ganon in Link to the Past, so why not continue on? Why do we always go back to Link's first adventures? I like always hearing of something new happening in the LOZ series, and when I find out it is a prequel, that is when the excitement stops. I have heard that Zelda 128 is going to be a prequel also. Why? Why can't Nintendo move forward in Link's life instead of backwards? To me, I think we know all we want of Link's past, so lets move on to the future. Reincarnate Ganon or something! This is a plea from many Zelda fans, and even if you are reading this editorial, I hope I proved a point. Thanks for your time!
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