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The Four Swords: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does each player need to have a Game Pak to play Four Swords?

A: Yes. Each player must have a Game Boy Advance and a Game Pak. Also, you'll need Game Boy Advance Cables to connect the systems. Here's exactly what you'll need for each combination of players.

-Two Players: One Game Link Cable, two Game Paks and two GBAs.
-Three Players: Two Game Link Cables, three Game Paks and three GBAs.
-Four Players: Three Game Link Cables, four Game Paks and four GBAs.

Q: The dungeons seem different each time I play. How does that work?

A: Four Swords creates a dungeon level by randomly selecting a dungeon setting -- a vast area with many set challenges -- then dropping a randomly selected new dungeon part into it. As you gain more keys and experience, obstacles become more challenging and levels become more difficult. There are dozens of settings and parts available for each separate area, so you'll always be challenged with new dungeon levels!

Q: How does my team reach Vaati?

A: The first time you play through the game, each player will earn a Silver Key if the team earns 1,000 Rupees in an area. If you earn the Silver Keys from the first three areas, you'll proceed to Vaati's palace.

Q: Once you defeat Vaati once, you can play through the game again in an attempt to earn Gold Keys for your team. However, you can only go for the gold if everyone on your team already has Silver Keys. After your team has earned Silver Keys, you can try to earn Hero's Keys by earning 5,000 Rupees in an area.

A: If you accomplish this, you'll proceed to Vaati's palace, where the team must beat the palace levels and Vaati four times before finishing off the mage for good!

Q: Do your actions in A Link to the Past affect gameplay in Four Swords?

A: Yes. If you learn a new sword move such as the Beam Sword attack in A Link to the Past, you can use the special move during your adventures in Four Swords. If you beat the final boss in A Link to the Past and Vaati in Four Swords, a new dungeon opens in A Link to the Past. And more!
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