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The Four Swords: The Legend


Fun Times Four!

Up to four players can cooperate and compete in Four Swords -- where four Links fight together through the most grueling dungeons yet!

The more you play Four Swords, the more of Four Swords there is. Every time you play, the dungeons are different than the last time you plundered them. The obstacles have all been designed to demand that multiple heroes solve problems and slash foes together, but even as you work together, you compete against your friends to see who can collect the most Rupees.

So gather your most heroic friends and get ready for a legendary multiplayer experience!

... Legend has it that in the distant past, a young hero challenged a maniacal wind mage named Vaati, who was storming around the countryside and abducting maidens. With the power of an enchanted blade, the Four Sword, the hero split into four heroes, each one with the wits and strength to help take on Vaati -- and they defeated the mighty mage.

Many years later, Princess Zelda senses a disturbance in the wind. She knows the legend and brings Link to the shrine where the Four Sword is kept. Just when she explains to Link that Vaati was defeated -- and trapped inside the mystical blade -- the wind mage swoops down and steals her into the sky!

Left alone, Link knows what he must do -- pull free the Four Sword and call in new recruits -- himself times four! And so begins a new legend of the Four Sword...
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