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Project Zelda's History

Project Zelda was created out of one's lifelong love of The Legends of Zelda, and since it's inception, many things have happened, and not happened as well.

Most recent on top:

February 2005: After much fun with The Minish Cap, and a lengthy presence in the Gamespot Community, I decide to go back to Project Zelda. It will be fun this time, because there won't be anything in my head to drive me crazy
October 2003: College life sweeps me up and away, no time to spend on a site I don't care enough about anymore
July 2003: Computer problems and pressure to deliver content and news on newest games cause a mental delay in Project Zelda's rebuilding
June 26, 2003: Project Zelda resurrects on Tripod, where it all began and where it all begins again...or so I thought
March 2003: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker acquired along with Ocarina of Time: Master Quest. Decision mulled about to revive Project Zelda
Sometime in 2002: Zelda Vault goes down to server trouble, Project Zelda becomes another "Hey, remember that site?"
December 25, 2001: Project Zelda moves into new home @ Zelda Vault, URL becomes ( still in effect)
September (October?) 2001: Zelda Games dies, Project Zelda slips away into nothingness
July 25, 2001: Project Zelda booted from, moved back to Zelda Games
June 27, 2001: Domain purchased by, site moved to new location
May 2001: PZ has highest traffic flow yet, ranking #1 on original Zelda Top 50 and having more than 3500 uniques per day
May 2001: Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages acquired, layout modified once again
November 2000: Majora's Mask acquired, layout slightly modified. PZ first Zelda site to have it's own topsites ranking list
September/October 2000: Digimon Canada gradually shut down, attention fully turned to Project Zelda
August 28, 2000: Site accepted to hosting at URL becomes Tripod account used as mirror
August 22, 2000: Site opened to public @
July 2000: Construction begun on newly named Project Zelda
March 2000: Site shut down to spend time on long-defunct Digimon Canada
March 2000: Name changed to Video Gamer T's Majora's Mask Central
October 1999: Original site, Video Gamer T's Zelda Gaiden Central, opened on Angelfire

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