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Link's Awakening DX: Secret Dungeon

Remember, this dungeon can only be accessed on Game Boy Color. You will not be able to enter on Game Boy or Super Game Boy!

Dungeon's location: Go to the screen in the cemetary with five gravestones in it. Push them in this order:


After you push the fifth stone, the entrance will appear.

Answer the guards' questions and enter. In the second room, hit the downright and upleft switches in that order to make the box appear. You can also bomb the bottom wall to enter a hidden room full of special Rupees worth 5 Rupees each! Two screens right, use the sword to knock the enemies into the colour-corresponding holes to make the stone beak appear. Go down and left to get the key to unlock the door that's on the next screen up. Use arrows or bombs to beat this mini-boss, and go left. Lift the left pot and step on the switch. Go up, defeat all the enemies, get the map, go right, and knock the enemies into the holes to get the key. Go back to the first room with those same enemies in it and go up. In the second room, hit the switches to get another key. Go right and unlock the door. Fight the mini-boss with Magic Powder, and get the Nightmare Key in the next room. Now go right, down, left, down, down, left, up, left and left. Hit the switches in the right order, and unlock the door in the next room. Fire an arrow at the switch, and unlock the Nightmare's Lair. To beat him, keep firing arrows at him until he turns and stays red. Bombs also work, but they are much harder to use them on him. In the next room is the Queen Fairy. She asks you which power you want. If you want a stronger attack to do more damage, choose red. If you want stronger defense so you don't get hurt as easily, choose blue.
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