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Link's Awakening DX: Photo Locations

To find the Bucket Mouse, who takes pictures of you during the game in the DX version, go east of the Moblin Cave when you rescue Bow-wow from it. Remember, this is the order the photos appear in your photo album, not the order they should be taken in the game. The number after each is the order to take them in.

1a) Photo Shop - Go stand in front of the screen in the back, and he'll take your picture with you flashing the peace sign. (1)

1b) Photo Shop - There is a secret picture that not very many people know about. To get the hidden photo, keep answering 'No' to his questions. He'll eventually push you to the back and photograph you sitting on the floor, dazed. (1)

2) Toronbo Shores - While you're walking with Marin, go to the cliff on the southwesternmost point on the map. (5)

3) Mabe Village Well - Jump down the well when Marin's with you, and the mouse will take a picture of her landing right on top of you! (6)

4) Mabe Village Weathervane - Walk right up to the weathervane with the Flying Rooster statue on it with Marin. Tarin walks in and the mouse takes a picture of all three of you. (7)

5) Mabe Village - Look into the righthand-side window of Granpa Ulrira's house. The mouse will appear and take a picture of inside. (2)

6) Mabe Village - Walk up to Bow-wow after you rescue him. The photographer will photograph Bow-wow about to attack you! (3)

7) Mabe Village - This is the photo I recommend you get last. Steal something from the shop (see the Tips and Tricks section for how), and somehow the mouse will photograph you walking out of the store with a sneaky look on your face. (12)

8) Martha's Bay - After getting the necklace from the fisherman under the bridge and finishing the trading sequence, go back to him. He'll catch the mouse, and the mouse will photograph the fisherman falling overboard! (9)

9) Animal Village - After getting the Magnifying Lens, go to the northeastern house in the village. You'll be able to see a Zora in the water with the lens, and the mouse will come in and photograph you and Zora together. (10)

10) Kanalet Castle - Walk up to the front gate when it is still closed. You'll find the mouse, and Richard will come up, saying he wants his leaves soon. The mouse will photograph you and Richard posing with the castle. (4)

11) Koholint Prairie - After returning the ghost to his grave, walk up to the tombstone. The mouse will come up and photograph you leaning on the stone, but the ghost appears in the picture as well! (8)

12) Eastern Tal Tal Mountains - Go three screens east of the Hen House. On the bridge, the mouse will appear, but he'll fall as he snaps the photo! (11)

Click here to view screeshots of the photos

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