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Link's Awakening: Final Nightmare

The nightmare is the ultimate evil of this world, so be careful!
  • His first form is a giant Bot. Simply sprinkle him four times with the magic powder.
  • Second is the giant wurm. Do the same strategy as the Tail Cave boss: jump around, hitting him in the tail.
  • Third is Aghanim's shadow. Use the same technique as you did with Aghanim in A Link to the Past: simply use the sword to bat his magic back at him, but watch out for the Xs that he shoots!
  • Fourth up is Ganon's shadow. Do the same as you did in A Link to the Past, minus the arrows: dash at him with the Pegasus Boots and sword, avoiding his staff and firebats.
  • Next up is the a small snake-thing. Shoot him with an arrow and he'll stop dead.

The final form is Death, a huge monstrosity with two gigantic crushing arms and one eye. There are two ways to defeat him:
  • The easy way is to shoot the boomerang at him once, and he'll die.
  • If you don't have the boomerang, or are up to a challenge, equip the feather to one button and the arrows to another. Use the feather to jump over his arms when they crash together, and the bow for his eye when he opens it. It takes about 10-12 hits to defeat him.
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