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The Legend of Zelda
 2nd Quest
 Overworld Map
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Legend of Zelda: Walkthrough

Hyrule Field
After beating the third temple you will appear at the entrance of the dungeon. Now, go back to where you started the game. The easiest way is to kill yourself, and save the game. You will start at the start screen. Now go, up, left, left and up. You will be next to a small dock. Get your on raft and go onto the water. You will soon arrive at the fourth dungeon.

Dungeon 4
Enter and go left. Kill the Keese for a key. Go right and up. Kill the vire, then with your candle equipped, go right. Light the room, kill the vire and get the dungeon's compass. Go left and up. Kill all of the Keese and get a key. Go left, using the candle, and kill more vire. In the next room you will find Zols and another key for getting them all. Go up and right. Kill the vire and go right to face Like Likes. Be careful, because these things can eat your large shield! Kill them all and then push the stone and take the stairs to get to the ladder. Leave and go left 2 screens and go up 1. Kill more vire then go up and destroy the Mandandlas. Go up and find out a clue about walking into a waterfall. With candle in "B", go right and kill the Keese to get a key. Use the candle in room to the right to help avoid the spikes. Still with the candle out, go down. Fight the vire and then move the stone to enter the dragon's lair!

Boss 4
This dragon is tough, just keep running up and hitting it with your sword, while avoiding the other heads and fireballs. After destroying it, it will leave behind another heart container for more life. Now, go and get the fourth piece of the Triforce!

Hyrule Field
After beating the forth temple you will appear at the entrance of the dungeon. Do the same as before: kill yourself, save the game and start over. Level Five is located in the Lost Hills, which are in the northern part of Hyrule, near the waterfall. To get there from where you begin the game, do this (pay attention!): right, right, right, right, up, up, up, up, up, right, up, left, up, up, up, up. If you got it right, enter the dungeon!

Dungeon 5
Enter and go right. Using the bow and arrow, go down the sand and get a key. Go left and up, light a candle, and kill the Gibdos for a key. Go right and use the whistle to battle the Digdoggers, and get the clue. Go left and bomb the left wall. Go through and unwrap the Gibdo. Bomb the left wall and enter. Use bombs and sword to fight the Darknuts. Let's call the point Area 1. Push the stone and enter the stairs. You will not find any foes or goodies in this new chamber, which we'll call Area 2. Go left, fighting off the many darknuts. Beat them all, move the stone and take the stairs to get the whistle. Leave and go right and down. Kill the Keese for a key, and then bomb the right wall and enter. Here, increase your bomb capacity to 12. Go back to Area 2, by going left and up. Enter staircase to go back to Area 1. Go right twice until you are on the screen just above the entrance. Go up and use bombs against the enemies there. Go left. Kill zols for a key, go right 2 screens, and use the candle to help kill the Zols. Go up. Slay the mummies, get the key, go left and use the candle to find the path to the map. Go right and up and light the candle. Kill the Darknuts for the compass and continue going up. Defeat foes for a key. Go left and defeat the Gibdos for another key. Go left and use the bow and arrows here. Go left once more for the boss's lair.

Boss 5
Use the whistle to break the big Digdogger into several little ones. Now slash all of the little ones with your sword until they are all dead. Get the heart container they leave behind. Go up and grab the fifth Triforce piece. You're more than halfway there!

Hyrule Field
Level Six is located in the northwest part of Hyrule, near the Graveyard. Once you get to the Graveyard, go to the middle screen on the right-hand side, then go right one screen and up one screen to find dungeon Six. Now enter the dungeon!

Dungeon 6
Enter and go right. Light a candle. Destroy the Wizzarobes, which can only be killed with the sword or wand. Get the key when they're gone. Go left two screens then up one. Kill the Zols for the compass. Go up and kill the Keese. Go up, but be fast to avoid the spikes. The next room has oodles of Likes Likes, Wizzarobes, and bubbles. When all the Likes Likes and Wizzarobes are gone, move the left stone and go up. There are more Likes Likes here. Go up, kill the Gleeok and go right. Get the dungeon map and go down. Kill all the Wizzarobes and move the left stone. Take the stairs to get the magic wand. Go back down through the room with the map to the screen below. Using the candle, get the key while avoiding the Wizzarobes. Go down using the candle, and equip the sword and boomerang. Go right, and use the wand to destroy the likes likes and Wizzarobes. Move the stone and take the stairs. Upon emerging, go down and kill the enemies to get the key. Go left and up, but stop right at the door, as you have found Gohma.

Boss 6
To destroy Gohma, wait until it opens it's eye and keep shooting arrows into it until Gohma's dead. Get the heart container, then go and grab the sixth Triforce piece.

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