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The Legend of Zelda
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Legend of Zelda: Walkthrough

Hyrule Field
Dungeon Seven is located in the western part of Hyrule, on the screen that has a pond without a Fairy. You'll need to use the Whistle on that screen to make the entrance appear. To get to Level Seven from where you begin the game, go up, left, left, left, left, left, up, and up. Use the Whistle here and the pond will dry up, revealing Level Seven's entrance!

Dungeon 7
Upon entering, go up and bomb the north wall after destroying the foes in the room. Go up (we'll call this room Area 1), left, and up. Using rupees, increase your bomb capacity to 16. Go down 3 screens and destroy the snakes for a key. Go back to Area 1 by going up, up and right. Go up, and use the boomerang to destroy the bats. Go up once more and destroy digdogger using the whistle and sword. Bomb the right wall and go right, using the magic wand to get rid of the Moldorm. Grab the key then go left two screens. Then go up with the candle, and then defeat the enemies for the map. Go right and bomb the right wall. After beating the enemies here, move the stone and descend down the stairs for the red candle. Upon re-emerging, bomb the right wall. Go right and move the center stone and climb the stairs. Bomb the right wall and go right.

Boss 7
The boss here is the same as level 1. Defeat the dragon, just as you did for dungeon 1, except he takes more hits this time. After he dies, pick up the heart container he leaves behind. Now go right for the seventh Triforce piece.

Hyrule Field
Level Eight is located on the East side of Hyrule, in the forest. You must burn a bush to find the entrance. From where you begin the game, go right, right, right, right, up, up, right, right (using the top path) and down. There is one tree standing by itself on this screen. Use the Candle to burn the tree and reveal the entrance to level Eight.

Dungeon 8
Enter and go right, using a candle. Get the key after clearing the foes in the room. Go left 2 screens and kill the Manhandlas in the 2nd screen, and go left again. After destroying the darknuts and gibdos, move the left stone and get the magicbook. After emerging from the stairs, go right twice and go up, beating up the manhandlas (use the wand for faster kill). Bomb the top wall and go up. Kill the foes in that screen for a key and go left, candle lit. Destroy these foes for a key and go left and destroy the darknuts for a 3rd key. Go right twice (to where you got the first of the 3 keys), and go up twice. Bomb the top wall of the 2nd screen and go up. Beat the manhandlas for a map. Go up and kill the Gohma as you did in Dungeon 7. Go right and slay the darknuts and Pols so you can move the stone and get the all-purpose key. Go left, down, down and right and take the stairs. Go left and up and blast the right wall with a bomb and go through it. Enter the boss's lair!

Boss 8
The boss here is the same one as from Dungeon 4. Defeat the dragon for a heart container, and then go up for the eighth and final piece of the legendary Triforce! Now, you must face Ganon!

Hyrule Field
Dungeon Nine is located in the northern part of Hyrule. You'll need to use a Bomb to find the entrance. From where you begin the game, go right, up, up, up, up, up, left, up, left across the river, up, left and left to two large rocks. Use a bomb on the left rock to make the entrance to level nine appear!

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