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A Link To The Past: Items & Weapons

Regular Sword: You will find this in the Dungeon of the castle at the first of the game. Your uncle gives it to you.

Master Sword: The Master Sword is located in the upper-left corner of the Light World forest. Once you've obtained the three Pendants, stand in front of the slab, read with enscription with the Book of Mudora and you will receive the sword.

Tempered Sword: To acquire the Tempered Sword, you must rescue the Blacksmith's long-lost apprentice from the Dark World. The apprentice, who looks like a frog, is trapped between some rocks at the bottom of the Village of Outcasts. Lift the rocks with the Titan's Mitt to free him, then lead him back to the Blacksmith's Shop in the Light World. At that point, you will be told to come back later to get your Sword tempered. Go to the Village, then return to the house to find that they've finished the job.

Golden Sword: The Golden Sword is hidden in a secret chamber in the Dark World Pyramid. Use the Super Bomb, which is purchased at the Bomb Shop (which is Link's house in the Light World), to open the cracked spot on the Pyramid wall. Once inside, throw the Tempered Sword into the pond and you'll receive the Golden Sword in return.

Regular Shield: You will find this in the Dungeon of the castle at the first of the game. Your uncle gives it to you.

Fire Shield: You can receive the Fire Shield for free at the Waterfall of Wishing. This special waterfall is located northeast of the Medicine Shop. Link can swim up into the waterfall to find a mysterious pond. This pond will offer Link two different items. First, choose the Shield icon using the control pad. Then, press the A button to throw the Shield in the pond. After discarding the Shield, a friendly Faerie will arrive to give Link his new-and-improved shield.

Mirror Shield: The Mirror Shield is found in the Big Chest inside Turtle Rock, the seventh Crystal Palace. To reach the Big Chest, you must go to the lower left corner of the first basement and bomb the crack in the southern wall. Walk out onto a ledge and go right to re-enter the palace. Finally, use the Cane of Somaria to reach the chest.

Green Mail: You start the game with this one on.

Blue Mail: The Blue Armor is found in the Big Chest located on the fifth basement level of the fifth Crystal Palace. Go to the far left room in the third basement. Walk down the stairs in this ice-filled room to enter a room with a cracked section of floor and a hole. Place a Bomb on the spaces above the stairway to reveal a second hole. Then, drop down into the hole to land next to the Big Chest.

Red Mail: The Red Armor is in the Big Chest located in Ganon's Tower. To reach the Red Armor once you have the Big Key, go to the large room with the invisible floor. This room is found in the bottom center of the first floor. Walk up through the top left door in this room to find the Big Chest.

Pegasus Boots: The Pegasus Boots are found in Sahasrahla's hideout near the first Pendant Palace. After receiving the Pendant from the palace, show it to Sahasrahla to prove your worth. He will then give you access to the chest that contains the Pegasus Boots.

Zora's Flippers: These flippers allow you to swim in deep water. To obtain the flippers,go to the north-east part of Hyrule. To the right of the Wishing Pond is a path that leads to a hidden area called Zora's Falls. Navigate around the small Zoras and keep on a North by North-East path. At the end, you will find King Zora, who makes you pay 500 Rupees.

Power Glove: To obtain the Power Glove from the Desert Palace, Link must use the Big Key to unlock the Big Chest in the upper-left corner of the first basement.

Titanís Mitt: Titan's Mitt is found in the second basement of Gargoyle's Domain. From the entrance of the palace, go to the top-left corner of the second basement. The Titan's Mitt is in the Big Chest in the lower-left corner of this floor. If you don't have enough small keys to reach it, open the chest in the jail cell in the top-right corner of this floor to find more.

Moon Pearl: The Moon Pearl is located in the Big Chest inside the Tower of Hera. The chest is located in the top-center area of the fourth floor. You cannot access the chest directly, so you must go up to the fifth floor, step on a Star Tile and drop from the top side of the hole in the center of the room. This will place you next to the Big Chest. Open it with the Big Key to obtain the Moon Pearl.

Boomerang: You will find this deep inside Hyrule Castle. This weapon comes in handy for retreiving items or making enemies freeze.

Magical Boomerang: Go to the Waterfall of Wishing, the same place you received the Fire Shield at. Throw your Boomerang in, and get the Magic Boomerang back. This Boomerang flies across the entire screen and leaves a sparkle trail.

Bow: To find the Bow, you must explore the first Pendant Palace thoroughly. The Big Chest, located near the top-center portion of the first floor, contains the Bow. Remember, you must also recover the Big Key in order to open the Big Chest.

Bottles: Four bottles that can hold valuable potions or fairies are hidden throughout Hyrule. Some are very easy to locate and others are more difficult. Link can acquire the first bottle in Kakariko Village. Near the beginning of Link's quest, he can purchase it from a salesman near the town square for 100 rupees.

The next bottle is also located in the village. Link can walk in the back door of the Inn, which is located in the southeast corner of town, to find a chest containing the bottle.

The third bottle can be found near Lake Hylia. Once Link has gotten the Flippers, he should simply swim upstream from the great lake. As he swims, he will go under a bridge where a friendly hobo will offer him the third bottle.

The last bottle is the most difficult to locate. After Link has had his sword tempered, he must journey to the Gossip Shop (the Blacksmith's Shop in the Dark World) where he will find a locked chest. If he attempts to open it, he will notice that the key has been locked inside and that the chest mysteriously follows him wherever he goes. To open the chest, Link should travel to the desert in the Light World where an odd middle-aged man sits alone by a sign. As it turns out, this man is a former theif who will help Link if Link agrees to keep his secret.

Silver Arrows: The Silver Arrows are hidden in a secret chamber in the Dark World Pyramid. To gain entrance to this chamber, purchase the Super Bomb from the Bomb Shop and walk back to the Pyramid. Use the Super Bomb on the cracked portion of the Pyramid's wall. If the Super Bomb is not in the Bomb Shop, you have not completed the first six Crystal Palaces or you do not have the Tempered Sword. Once you're inside the chamber, throw the Arrows into the pond to receive the Silver Arrows.

Hookshot: The Hookshot is located on the first basement floor of the Swamp Palace. From the entrance of the palace, go to the large room in the center of the first basement. The chest is located on a platform in the center of this room. Use the Big Key on the Big Chest to receive the Hookshot.

Bombs: You can get Bombs from enemies, chests, or bushes. You can pick up thrown Bombs by pressing the A button over the Bomb.

Super Bomb: You get this at the bomb shop. It is used to open the crack in the side of the pyramid. You canít get it unless you have defeated the first six Crystal Palaces.

Hammer: The Hammer is found in the on the first floor of the first Crystal Palace. Go to the room that has a blue bumper in the center. (The blue bumper is the object that bounces you back when you touch it.) Hit the Crystal Switch so the blue posts go down. Drop a Bomb, pick it up and toss it at the Crystal Switch, then run as fast as you can past the blue posts. Walk to the upper-right corner of the room and enter the door. Quickly cross the breakaway bridge at the top of the room and go through the door on the left. You will enter a darkened room. Bomb the crack in the lower-right corner of the wall and walk through to find the Big Chest and Hammer.

Shovel: The Shovel can be found in the Haunted Grove in the Dark World. Talk to the Flute Boy who has been transformed into an Aardvark in the Dark World. He will give you the Shovel and a valuable clue regarding his Flute.

Flute: The Flute is found in the Haunted Grove in the Light World. After getting the Shovel in the Dark World, dig up all the flowers in the Grove, and you'll eventually find it.

Bug Catching Net: The Bug Catching Net is found in Kakariko Village. A sick boy resides in a house southeast of the town square. When you talk to the boy, he says he can't use his net now and gives it to you.

Potions: You can get these at the witches' hut, and at various shops in both the Light and Dark Worlds.

Mirror: You will receive the Magic Mirror on your journey to the top of Death Mountain. As you ascend the mountain, you will run into an old man who has lost his way. Escort the man to his home on Death Mountain and he will reward you with the mirror.

Book of Mudora: To find the Book of Mudora, you must go into the library just west of Kakariko Village. Inside the library, a book sits high on a bookshelf. If you dash into the bookshelf using the Pegasus Boots, the book will come down.

Magic Mushrooms: You will find this in the Lost Woods. Take it to the witch near Zora's Falls.

Magic Powder: You obtain this after you give the witch the Magic Mushroom. After a while return to hut and go inside for the bag of Magic Powder.

Ice Rod: The Ice Rod is located on the eastern shore of Lake Hylia in the Light World. Once you have the Flippers, swim to the eastern shore and walk up to find a cave entrance. To the left of the entrance, you will notice a strange rock. Use a Bomb on this rock to create a new entrance. Follow the path to the Ice Rod.

Fire Rod: The Fire Rod is found on the first floor of the third Crystal Palace. Lift away the square formation of flowers located up and right from the first skull entrance to reveal a hole leading down. Drop into the hole and bomb the left wall to reveal an opening. Step on the Star Tile at the bottom of the room and walk left through the path you just opened. Pull the lever in the center of the room to destroy the bottom wall. Go down and open the chest to receive the Fire Rod.

Cane of Byrna (blue cane): The Cane of Byrna is found on Death Mountain in the Dark World. To obtain it, start in the Light World and step on the warp tile directly below the third Pendant Palace. When you appear in the Dark World, walk straight down off the edge of the cliff to land on a narrow ledge with a cave. Enter the cave to find the chest that contains the Cane of Byrna. To avoid being hurt by the spikes in the floor, bring Fairies, Red Medicine or Blue Medicine or use the Magic Cape.

Cane of Somaria (red cane): The Cane of Somaria is in the Big Chest inside the sixth Crystal Palace. The Big Chest is found in the far right room in on the first basement level. When you enter this room, quickly use the Hookshot to cross a small pit, then dash up the narrow bridge above before it collapses. Use the Big Key to open the Big Chest and receive the Cane of Somaria.

Magic Cape: The Magic Cape is found in the Light World Cemetery. Use the Titan's Mitt to clear a way to the small stone near the upper-right corner of the graveyard. Then, perform the Dash Attack against the grave stone located here. Enter the opening to find the chest containing the Magic Cape.

Bombos: To acquire the Bombos Medallion, travel to the entrance of the Desert in the Dark World and look for several purple posts surrounding a grassy area. Stand within the posts and use the Magic Mirror to appear near a monolith in the Light World. Use the Book of Mudora to read the script on the monolith and receive the Bombos Medallion. Bombos is the power of Fire.

Ether: The Ether Medallion is hidden atop Death Mountain. Venture west of the Tower of Hera to find a green monolith. Use the Book of Mudora to translate the ancient symbols. If you have the Master Sword, you will receive the Ether Medallion. Ether is the power of weather.

Quake: To find the Quake Medallion, you must journey to northeastern Hyrule in the Dark World, past the area where the Medicine Shop would be located at in the Light World. As you work your way toward the water to the northeast, you will find a sign that reads: "Curses on anyone who throws something into my circle of stones!" Toss any object - a rock or bush will work fine - into the circle to receive the Quake Medallion. Quake is the power of nature.

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