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A Link to the Past
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A Link To The Past: Walkthrough -
Hyrule Castle: First Visit

To find the secret passage into Hyrule Castle, go right along the outside of the castle from its main gate, then go up to the tree at the end. Look for a single bush surrounded by light-colored stones and pick it up to reveal a hole. (To remove the bush, face it and press the A Button.) Drop into the hole.

The Boomerang is found in the first basement of the castle. To find it from the castle's entrance, go right one room, up to the end of the hall, left through the door, then up through the door in between the statues. Go down one room and descend the ladder, then follow the path to the bottom of the room and go left. Go up through the door at the end, defeat the guard to open the doors, then go through the door on the right. Open the treasure chest in the middle of the room to get the Boomerang.

Princess Zelda is found in the castle dungeon, which is in the third basement. From where you got the Boomerang, go left one room, up one room and take the stairs. Take the next set of stairs on the left, then go right to find the dungeon. To free Zelda, you must defeat the Dungeon Guard with the ball and chain. Use the Boomerang to freeze the guard, then hit him with your Sword. Repeat this pattern until the guard is defeated, then touch the door in front of Zelda to open it and set her free.

To escape Hyrule Castle, you must first go to the Throne Room on the second floor. In the back of the Throne Room, there is a statue with two swords on it. Stand to the left of the statue and push it to the right to reveal a passage. Enter the passage and work your way up through the sewer until you appear in the Sanctuary. You're free!

Eastern Palace >>>
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