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A Link to the Past
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A Link To The Past: Walkthrough -
Hyrule Castle: With The Master Sword

To find Agahnim in Hyrule Castle after acquiring the Master Sword, enter the front gate of the castle. Go left through the door, climb the ladder below and walk through the next door. Go right to the door that is blocked by electricity and strike the electric beam with your Master Sword to make it disappear. Enter the door and climb to the seventh floor of the tower. You will find Agahnim in a room with Zelda. Watch Agahnim make Zelda disappear. He will then hide behind the curtains. Use your Sword to cut down the curtains and reveal the secret door Agahnim fled through. Follow him to begin the battle.

The only way to defeat Agahnim is to use his own magic against him. To do this, swing your Sword at the fireballs Agahnim throws to deflect them back to him. This is important, only hit the solid fireballs. DO NOT HIT THE STARS!!! Occasionally, Agahnim will stand at the top of the room and unleash an ferocious lightning attack. To avoid being hit, stand against one of the side walls in the room. Good luck!

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