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A Link To The Past: Walkthrough -
Skull Woods

To enter the third Crystal Palace, begin from Kakariko Village in the Light World. Go to the top-left corner of the town and walk up into the forest. Once you're in the forest, go up and take the first path leading to the right. Continue right to the end of the path and follow it down into a small clearing. Pound down the two posts at the bottom of the clearing with your Hammer, then lift the rock below the posts to reveal a warp tile. When you step onto the tile, you will appear in Skull Woods. Throughout the woods are holes and caves that you must enter to locate different areas of the palace.

To locate the Big Key in the third Crystal Palace, you must enter the skull cave in the center of Skull Woods. The cave entrance is represented by the far-right arrow on your Map. You will also see another skull cave to the left. You must walk up and around, through the rib-cage passageway, to reach the entrance of the center cave. Once inside, remove the skull pot from the center of the room to reveal a button that opens the door at the top of the screen. To keep the door open, push the right-hand statue down and left until it's in line with the button, but leaving enough room for you to get behind it. While standing behind the statue, hold the A Button and push up on the Control Pad. Once the statue is in place, go through the door at the top of the room to find the Big Key. DIRECTIONS TO THE FIRE ROD
The Fire Rod is found on the first floor of the third Crystal Palace. Lift all of the flowers that form a square in the upper-right corner of the Skull Woods to reveal a hole in the ground. Drop into the hole and bomb the left wall of the room you land in. Before you go through the opening the Bomb created, step on the Star Tile at the bottom of the room. After going through the hole in the wall, pull the lever in the center of the room to reach the Fire Rod. DIRECTIONS TO MOTHULA
To find Mothula, go to the upper-left corner of the third Crystal Palace. To find the entrance, locate the large skull in Skull Woods that looks like an insect and has a what appears to be a very long nose. Use the Fire Rod on the tip of its nose to reveal the last section of the palace. Explore this area thoroughly. If you get stuck, remember that you can shoot fire across gaps with your Fire Rod to light torches, and that can reveal hidden doorways by cutting down vines with your Sword. HOW TO DEFEAT MOTHULA
Mothula is a giant moth that shoots rings of fire. Before you go into battle with Mothula, you should have one Magic Medicine bottle (the blue one) and the 1/2 symbol above your Magic Meter. Shoot Mothula repeatedly with the Fire Rod as you try to avoid the spike traps in the room. If you are having trouble avoiding the traps, use the Cane of Byrna for protection. Mothula will take 15 shots from the Fire Rod or eight hits from the Sword to defeat.

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