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Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Seasons: Story

Upon happening down a mysterious path, Link heard a strange voice as he touched the Triforce. "We must stand up and face this challenge!" A dazzling light engulfed Link and when he came to, he was standing in the middle of a strange forest. Then, he heard music from deep within the forest. Following this voice, he came across a beautiful young girl who was surrounded by people, dancing on a tree stump. This is the heroine of this story, The Oracle of Seasons, Din.

As Link was dancing along with her, suddenly a giant shadow appeared before them. It was none other than the General of Darkness, Onox, seeking to use Din's power for his own evil designs, throwing off nature to engulf the world into darkness. With his magic, Onox made Din disappeared right before Link's eyes. What is the fate of young Din and the seasons?! Link's new adventure is about to begin!

As a result of this calamity, Holodrum's four seasons are thrown into chaos and the order of the seasons becomes jumbled. In order to save Din and find the Rod of the Seasons, Link must travel throughout Holodrum and another strange dimension, while receiving help from the spirits residing in the Maka Tree and also the strange Uura Tribe found in this other dimension.

In this chapter, Link must harness the power of the seasons with a magical rod (known as the Rod of Seasons). Within parts of the game, Link must change the seasons to solve specific puzzles. For example, an item might be trapped on an island in the middle of the water - Link will have to freeze the water by turning the season to winter, making it a snap to walk across the ice to gain access. But an item or door might be trapped in the earth, and Link will have to change the season to spring where the ground is moist and easier to dig.

This game will integrate with The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages through the use of a password system - each adventure is its own tale, but to finish the entire storyline, both games must be completed.

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