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Ocarina of Time: Big Poes

These locations can help you find the Big Poes that roam around Hyrule Field when you're an Adult. You can only kill Big Poes while riding on Epona. And it must be at night, because the Poes are only Normal Poes and not Big Poes.

Once you find a Big Poe, quickly shoot it with your Bow and Arrows. Hit it twice, and the Poe will die. Get off your horse and walk nearby the Poe. Say yes, and the Poe will be captured in a bottle.

Give it to the Poe Dealer near the remains of Hyrule Castle Market and he'll give you 50 gp and 100 points on your "card." Get 1000 points and he'll give you an extra bottle. It may be hard finding and killing the Poes, but persevere and that extra bottle will soon be yours.

Enough rambling, this is what you most likely came here for:

1) By a tree neaby the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch.
2) Near a grey boulder and a fence, south of the entrance to Kokiri Forest.
3) Near the sign for Kakariko Village.
4) Along a brick wall near Lon Lon Ranch.
5) Near the sign-entrance for Lon Lon Ranch.
6) By the path under the jutting rock that leads to Gerudo Valley.
7) North of the entrance to Gerudo Valley, next to a lone tree.
8) In the northwest corner of Hyrule Field, in the middle of some bushes by the stream.
9) In the southeast corner of Hyrule Field, near a green-green tree.
10) In the southeast corner of Hyrule Field, near a rock surrounded by an orchid of brown trees.
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