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The Legend of Zelda
Episode 1: The Ringer

The episode opens in the morning with Link waking up in time to see the sun rise... and grumble about living in a castle. After a few minutes of complaining Link walks to his window and sees Zelda standing on the balcony outside her room in her nightgown and whistles to her. Zelda storms back into her room in time miss Link being dragged back inside by a group of Moblins after the Triforce of Wisdom.

After a short fight Link defeats the Moblins and is rewarded with a magic bow. After the fight Zelda comes to his room and slaps him good for his earlier comment then tells him to stay inside and guard the Triforce. She leaves to judge an amateur magicians contest leaving Link pretty angry about the whole thing.

Meanwhile in the Underworld Ganon seems just as angry with the Moblins' failure. After some spiffy light effects and explosions to deal with them he decides to disguise himself as a magician and enter the contest at Hyrule castle, (Note: The Triforce of Wisdom speaks several times throughout the series but this is the only time we hear the Triforce of Power speak). He dons a cloak and conjures up some Stalfos for transportation and leaves for Hyrule.

At the contest Zelda seems little more than mildly interested with the acts which include a growth spell and a "stink-removing" spell. Ganon arrives in time to catch a magician creating a lizard out of thin air and uses some of his amateur magic to turn it into a massive fire-breathing dragon (subtely of course, the green-skinned, red-eyed wizard who refuses to give his name isn't suspicious at all). Just as he planned Link leaves the Triforce and, with a quick assist, defeats the dragon. Zelda barely has time to finish yelling at him for leaving the Triforce before Ganon buggers off with it.

After having the first magician use his growth spell to create a giant stalk Link and Zelda use it as a catapult to catch up with Ganon who calls for reinforcements from the underworld. Link hands Zelda the bow from earlier and uses his belt to tie them back to back and take out the Stalfos fairly quicky. Ganon flees into the underworld entrance with the Triforce but Link chucks a bomb after him destroying the entrance and sending the Triforce safely back to the two of them.

So ends the first episode of the Legend of Zelda cartoon series.

"Lookin' good princess.. 'specially from this angle!" - Link
Ganon's nifty boxing tips to one of the Stalfos.

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