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A Link To The Past: Walkthrough -
Ganon's Tower

To enter Ganon's Tower, travel to the top of Death Mountain in the Dark World. Stand in front of the tower. If you have freed all seven maidens from their crystals, they will open the way.

To get to the ledge in the upper right room of the third floor, you will need to stand below the two blocks with your back to the ledge. Use the Pegasus Shoes to run into the blocks by pressing the A button and you will bounce backwards across the gap to the ledge.

To get the Big Key, go to the big room located in the bottom-center portion of the first floor. Use the Ether Medallion to make invisible floor temporarily appear and follow the invisible path to the door in the top-right corner. Go through the door and bomb the cracked sections of the floor in this room. Drop through the hole to find the Armos Knights from the first Pendant Palace. Deja vu! Use your arrows to defeat the Armos Knights and go up one room to retrieve the Big Key.

To get to the Red Armor once you've obtained the Big Key, go back to the big room in the bottom center of the first floor. (This is the room with the invisible bridge.) Walk up the bridge on the left and go up through the door to find the Big Chest.

To reach Agahnim from the entrance of Ganon's Tower, go up the top-center stairway and work your way up to the sixth floor. Once you're there, you must quickly use the Fire Rod to light the four braziers in the room to open the door at the top, then go through the door before the floor collapses. Work your way left and down until you encounter the Moldorm. Defeat the Moldorm and a chest will appear on the other side of the room. Use the Hookshot to cross the pit and climb the ladder to the upper level of the room. Work your way left and up to a stairway leading to the seventh floor. Once you're on the seventh floor, follow the path to the Big Key door and enter it to find Agahnim.

When you fight Agahnim this time, he brings along two friends. You can tell who the real Agahnim is because the other two are slightly hazy. Attack the real Agahnim by using his own magic against him. Swing your Master Sword at the fireballs he throws to reflect their evil power back at his image. Caution: Agahnim will occasionally stand at the top of the room and unleash a gigantic lightning attack. Stand to one side of the wizard to safely avoid it. Once he's gone, you're off to Ganon!

To defeat Ganon, you must use the Silver Arrows when he is weak. Unfortunately, he isn't a push-over. The battle will be a long and difficult one. Avoid Ganon's attacks while hitting him with your Sword as often as you can. After a while, Ganon will attempt to put out the lights in the room. When this happens, light BOTH pots with your Fire Rod (this is very important!), then hit Ganon with the Sword to turn him blue. Hit him with the Silver Arrows when he's blue, then wait for him to recover. Repeat the process of lighting the braziers and shooting Gannon with the Silver Arrows three more times. Once you've defeated him, you will get the Triforce. You have completed your quest. Congratulations!

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