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Majora's Mask
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Majora's Mask: Heart Pieces

Clock Town

1) Go over to the area where you got the map in the beginning of the game. You will notice a tree with a Heart Piece in the center of it. Using the boxes and platforms near the tree, jump over to collect it.

2) In South Clock Town give the Deku Merchant the Moon's Tear in exchange for the Land Title Deed, then, as Deku Link, use the launcher to get up to the small ledge on the tower, where you will collect the heart piece.

3) Visit the Swordsman's School in West Clock Town. Pay the man 10 rupees to play the game, and chop all of the logs that appear by using overhead/jumping attacks. If you score at least 30, you get the heart piece.

4) Once you accumulate 5000 Rupees in your bank account, he will reward you with a heart piece.

5) Once you receive the Bunny Hood, use it to chase the postman all around Clock Town, until he stops at the Post Office. Play the game with him, and if you stop the clock on exactly 10 seconds, you will receive a Heart Piece for it.

6) Once you gain Kamaro's Mask, wear it in front of the Rosa Sisters at night West Clock Town. Press B in front of them to teach them a new dance and gain the Heart Piece.

7) Go to North Clock Town and, while wearing the Keaton Mask, chop up the bushes near the slide and you will summon Keaton. Answer 5 of his random questions correctly and you'll get the heart piece. (See the Side Quests section)

8) Take the Land Title Deed you got from the Deku Merchant in Clock Town to the Stock Pot Inn after 12:00 AM on any day. Use the Deku Launcher to get to the roof of the Inn, and go through the door to enter it, then head down the stairs and find a hand (or just use the key if you have it). Give it the Land Title Deed to get the heart piece.

9) Wear the Couple's Mask in front of Mayor Dotour to get the heart piece.

10) Use the Postman's Hat to look in any mail box to get a Heart Piece.

11) Wear the All-night Mask and go to the Stock Pot Inn and listen to Anju's grandmother's story about the carnival and answer "On the eve of the carnival" to get a heart piece.

12) Wear the All-night Mask and go to the Stock Pot Inn and listen to Anju's grandmother's story about the Four Giants and answer "I dunno" to get a heart piece.

13) Score a perfect 50 in the town shooting gallery.

14) Enter Honey & Darling's shop on the first day with a bow and bomb bag. Get the high score three days in a row and they will give you a heart piece.

15) As Goron Link, enter the Treasure Chest Shop between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00p.m. If you win the prize will be a heart piece.

16) Enter the Deku Scrub playground in North Clocktown on the first day and beat the top score three days in a row. On the third day they will give you a heart piece.

Termina Field

17) Right in front of the Astral Observatory is a hole in which there is a Deku Scrub that will sell you a heart piece for 100 rupees after you refuse its first offer.

18) In north Termina Field under one of the mushrooms is a hole that leads to a room with two giant Dodongos. Kill both Dodongos to get a heart piece.

19) Near each exit of Clock Town, you will find a hole in the ground which leads to a room with gossip stones. Play the Goron's Lullaby to each of the 4 stones to gain a Heart Piece.

20) Take the south exit of Clock Town, and start on the path you would normally take to get to Milk Road. As you are walking through the tall grass, walk around the Deku Baba in the grass and you will fall through a grotto into an underground area with a peahat inside. Kill it to get the heart piece.

21) Near the entrance to the Great Bay Coast is a large rock. Bomb it and drop down the hole. Shoot down one of the beehives on the ceiling and the heart piece will fall into the water. Be careful because there is a Bio Deku Baba in the water.

Southern Swamp

22) While going through the swamp (on the way to the Deku Palace) you will see a tree with a heart piece on it. Climb it using the vines to collect the Heart Piece.

23) After you get the Land Title Deed from the Inn in Clock Town, take it to the Deku Merchant next to the Photo Hut in the swamp, and he will give you another Land Title Deed, and then fly off. Use the Deku Launcher to launch up to the roof of the Photo Hut where you'll find the heart piece.

24) After defeating Odolwa, go back to the photo hut and talk to Kotake as normal Link, she will challenge you to a game of archery. Shoot at least 30 targets before the boat ride is over to gain the Heart Piece.

25) Using your Pictograph Box, take a picture of the Deku King in the Deku Palace, and bring it back to the owner of the Photo Hut. He will reward you with the heart piece.

26) Get a perfect score in the swamp shooting gallery to get a heart piece.

Deku Palace

27) After you enter the Deku Palace, go past the two guards, and take the left path to enter a maze. Go through the maze, making sure you avoid the deku guards (who will throw you out if their lights touch you) until you reach the end, where a heart piece will be waiting.


28) Inside the room where you play the Sonata of Awakening, launch over to a lone platform with a golden treasure chest on it. Open the chest to get the Heart Piece.

Mountain Village

29) Once you get the Zora Mask, go to Goron Shrine (in the area where you bought the map) and dive under to get the heart piece from a treasure chest near the ramp. You can only get it when wearing the Zora Mask, so remember to visit this area again (after you get the mask.)

30) Once you get the Don Gero Mask, use it to talk to the 5 frogs in the game, located in:

- Clock Town: Near the tree at the Laundry Pool.
- Woodfall Temple: After defeating Gekko, he will turn into a frog.
- The Swamp: After finishing the Woodfall Temple, you will find this frog on a log near the potion hut.
- Great Bay Temple: Defeat Gekko again to turn him into a frog.
- Mountain Village: After beating Goht, the last frog will be here with the other 4 after you speak to the above 4 and you will get the heart piece from it.

31) Activate the Scarecrow's Song and go to the area right before Snowhead. Near the end use the lens of truth to see the hidden platforms. Jump across and use the Scarecrow's Song and the hookshot to get to the heart piece.

32) As a Deku Scrub trade the Swamp Title Deed for the Mountain Title Deed. Use the launcher to get a heart piece above you on a ledge.

Great Bay

33) Go to the 2nd area of Great Bay and fire your hookshot on the palm trees on each platform. Go up to the top and through the opening, then dive into the water as Zora Link. Sink down, talk to the beaver, and he will race you through 20 rings. If you go through them all before the time is up, you can race his brother through 25 rings and get a bottle if you make it. Race them both again and win to get the heart piece.

34) Head over to the 2nd area of Great Bay, and dive down where the waterfall is. Kill the skeleton fish followed by the blob to get the heart piece.

35) In the Gold Skulltulla House #2 side quest, go into the room with colored skeleton masks, and shoot them 6 times, in a specific order. It's random every time, so I can't tell you the order, you'll just have to use trial and error until you get it right. Once done, go through the opening and get the heart piece from the treasure chest.

36) Exchange a picture of a pirate for the seahorse with the fisherman. Put the seahorse into a bottle and release it near Pinnacle Rock. Kill all the sea snakes and rescue the trapped seahorse to get a heart piece.

37) Catch fish in bottles and feed the two fish in the Marine Research Lab. After a while one of the fish will get too big and eat the other fish. After its done eating it will give you a heart piece.

38) After Gyorg is beaten ride the boat that is docked north of the Research Lab out to a island and use the hookshot to get on the island. Beat the fisherman's jumping game to get a piece of heart.

39) Near the jumping game, on the shore is a section where you can hookshot up to some softsoil. Plant a seed and water it. Use the plant to ride up and at the top play the scarecrows song and hookshot over to the heart piece.

Zora Hall

40) Warp to the owl statue in Zora Hall, and go into the drummer's room. Hookshot up to the top ledge and read the journal as Zora Link to learn 2 parts of a song. Go into the guitarist's room and play the first part after he plays his part, and the 2nd part after he plays his second part, then go to the pianist's room and play the whole song to him as normal Link to get the heart piece.

41) As the Goron offer the Mountain title deed to the Deku Scrub in Lulu's dressing room. Use the Deku flower to get to a heart piece.

Pirate Fortress

42) After you go through the maze and into the next area, walk up the stairs and fire punch all the barrels as Goron Link. One of them has a hidden switch underneath that you can step on as Goron Link. Step on it to open the jail cell door below, then quickly run down to get the heart piece inside.

Ikana Canyon

43) As Zora Link, offer the Ocean Title Deed to the Deku Scrub near Sakon's Hideout. Use the Deku Flower to get to the nearby heart piece.

44) Beat the Ghost Hut challenge to get a heart piece. (Right above the Music Box House.)

Ikana Graveyard

45) In the graveyard at night wear the Captain's Hat and command the Stalchildren to dig up the graves so that you can enter a underground lair. Use the Lens of Truth to get through the lair and a bomb to break through a wall. Kill the Iron Knuckle to get a piece of heart.

Ancient Castle of Ikana

46) At the top of the castle there is a crystal switch. Hit the switch with an arrow to turn off the fire around the Deku Flowers. Then you can fly to the heart piece.

47) Behind the waterfall in Ikana Canyon lies a door that can only be opened by a Light Arrow. Enter the secret shrine and defeat all the enimies in the four rooms at the directional points. After you have killed them all return to the center room for a heart piece.

Romani Ranch

48) Make at least 150 rupees in winnings to earn a heart piece.

The Moon

49) In the Odolwa Dungeon.

50) In the Goht Dungeon.

51) In the Gryorg Dungeon; Go left, left, right and left.

52) In the Twin-Mold Dungeon.

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