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Majora's Mask: Stray Fairies

Woodfall Temple

1) Directly in front of you when you enter - wear the Great Fairy Mask to get it.

2) Inside the chest in the first room of the dungeon as you're flying over the pit.

3) Kill the Deku Baba next to the locked door in the second room with the giant flower.

4) Smash all the pots in the far corner of the giant flower room.

5) When you collect the first Small Key, shoot the beehive on the left of it with a bubble then wear the Great Fairy Mask.

6) Under the platform with the stone block on it. When you light the torch on the giant flower, the poison in the water disappears, allowing you to collect it.

7) Inside a beehive above the giant stone block - shoot them with bubbles.

8) Kill the Skulltula in the stone block room.

9) In the dark passage, wipe out the Black Boes to make a chest appear.

10) Burst the bubble on the ledge above the giant flower, then wear the Great Fairy mask.

11) Fly over to the switch behind the unlit torch above the giant flower, then drop down and open the chest.

12) On the third ledge up on the left of the large room before Odolwa.

13) On the first ledge up on the right of the large room before Odolwa.

14) On the third ledge up on the right of the large room before Odolwa.

15) On the flaming pillar in the large room before Odolwa. Hit the crystal switch, fly to the right-hand pillar before flying left to the fairy.

Snowhead Temple

1) Over the broken bridge, burst the bubble under the end platform and wear the Great Fairy Mask.

2) Over the broken bridge, burst the bubble in the stone tower beneath the bridge then wear the Great Fairy Mask.

3) Hit the switch in the lava on the bottom level of the central pillar room to reveal a chest.

4) When you move the pile of blocks to the end of the room, a chest appears. You can reach it by entering this room through the door from the Compass room.

5) In the corner of the Dungeon Map room.

6) On the upper ledge of the Dungeon Map room, use the Lens Of Truth to see hidden platforms through the air to the alcove on the wall opposite the Eye switch.

7) Jump through the wall above the ice marks in the room with lots of pillars covered in ice blocks.

8) Melt the ice blocks in the Compass room and hit the switch, then move the block beneath the ledge where the chest appears and climb up.

9) Use the stone block to reach the ledge above the chest where the Compass is. Throw a bomb at the wooden box on the pillar, then wear the Great Fairy Mask.

10) In the room with the gold and green Goron switches, look at the lighter-colored patch on the ceiling with the Lens Of Truth.

11) In the room with lots of ice platforms over a massive pit (outside the room with the switch that moves the central pillar), kill all the Freezards and open the chest that appears.

12) On the third floor, stand on the northern bridge and wear the Bunny Hood. Jump down to the left towards the ice marks on the wall to find a hidden chest.

13) In the room with all the snowmen, look above the ice marks on the wall with the Lens Of Truth.

14) & 15) The Dinalfos twins both have a fairy on them, so kill them both.

Great Bay Temple

1) In front of the turtle, light the four torches to make a chest appear.

2) Under the platform you arrive on when you go through the entrance to the dungeon - swim under to get it.

3) Kill the Skulltula guarding the rupees at the top of the right-hand lift in the first room.

4) Smash the barrel on the left of the giant blade room.

5) There's a pot directly beneath the giant blades - smash it with an arrow, then wear the Great Fairy Mask.

6) Hookshot the pots opposite the chest with the Dungeon Map in.

7) Kill the four Mecha-Deku Babas in the room before the Compass to reveal a chest.

8) Stand in front of the door facing the chest where the Compass is - look right into the water to see a pit guarded by two Dixihands. Shoot it with an arrow, then wear the Great Fairy Mask.

9) In the room behind the waterfall, fire Ice Arrows into the water to reach the far left corner of the room. Hookshot into the ceiling area and open the chest there.

10) In the green pipe room with the giant spinning fan, ride on the second lift and look right to see a chest in an alcove - hookshot to it to find a chest.

11) When you freeze the giant spinning fan, run along the axle and climb onto the blades of the smaller fan to see a chest in an alcove - hookshot over to it.

12) Beneath the see-saw nearest the door you come in through is a passageway - swim into the barrel under the water to smash it.

13) After hitting the green crank in the see-saw room, run along the green pipe as Zora Link and climb up before dropping into the enclosed balcony. Hookshot over to the chest inside.

14) Beneath the final green crank before Gyorg's lair, swim around to burst the bubble that the fairy is trapped in.

15) In the room outside Gyorg's lair, there's a vent on the right leading back to the giant blade room - shoot the bubble inside with your boomerangs, then swim through to collect the fairy.

Stone Tower Temple

1) Shoot the left eye switch when you first enter the temple to make a chest appear with a fairy.

2) In the room with the six sun crests, shine light onto one of them to make a chest appear with a fairy.

3) In the same room there is a sun crest/treasure chest behind the blue block. Use the mirror shield to shine light onto it to make a chest with a fairy appear.

4) In the room with lava and a Deku Flower use the Deku Mask to launch to the chest with the fairy in it.

5) In the same room as #4 use the Goron Mask to hit the floor switch and then quickly roll around the bend to the next switch that will reveal a chest with the fairy.

6) Defeat Hiploop and drop off the right side of the path to the lower ledge. Find the Crystal Switch below a grate and use a bomb to trigger it. Same as above with chest and fairy.

7) Kill the Eyegore and open the chest.

8) Use the Dexihand to get back on dry land and set a bomb near the fenced in Crystal Switch. When activated use the Zora Form to swim to the other pool and melt the sun stone and kill the beamos. Same as above, chest/fairy.

9) In the basement look up and you will see a hookshot point near the stairs, between two statues. Dungeon right side up and collected when flipped upside-down.

10) Dive under the water and clear the spikes then step on the gold switch. Flip the temple use one of your clones to hold down the blue switch and deactivate the fire. Then use the Deku Mask to fly to the chest. Chest opened while dungeon is flipped.

11) Shoot the suns while temple is flipped to get fairy #11.

12) Shoot the sun in room 12 with all the trenches. The chest appears in the hallway.

13) Kill Wizrobe. Chest appears when dungeon is flipped and opened when right side up.

14) In the room with an armos guard use the Zora Mask to get up to the platform. Wear the Stone Mask so that the Armos can't see you and flip the statue with a Light Arrow. Then remove the Stone mask so that the Armos will see you and fall to the ground. Then turn things right side up and grab the chest that the Armos was guarding.

15) In the Basement, use the Zora mask to get the chest in the room with a lot of water. You have to turn the dungeon right-side up first though.

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