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A Link to the Past
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A Link To The Past: Walkthrough -
Dark Palace

The Dark Palace is marked by the number 1 on your map. To reach the entrance, walk right from the Pyramid (where you begin in the Dark World) until you find a small hut and a maze of bushes. Explore the bushes to the right of the hut and the bushes behind the hut, looking for arrows on the ground. These arrows point to sections of the bushes you can walk through. Always keep your eye on Link's head spaces between the bushes. Work your way up and right toward the palace. As you near the entrance, you will come out of a thicket of brush and find that Kiki the Monkey is following you. Kiki offers to open the door to the palace for a fee of 10 Rupees. Pay him, then quickly walk to the door to allow Kiki to go to work. Avoid monsters while Kiki is following you or he'll run away and you will have to go back and get him. When you reach the entrance of the Dark Palace, Kiki charges you again. Pay him 100 Rupees more to open the palace. It's a very good investment!

The little red turtle creatures are very tough to get past. Use the Hammer to turn them over, then hit them with your sword to defeat them. The second tricky spot in the palace is reaching the chest in the lower-right corner of the room. The chest has a blue bumper in the center of it. To reach the chest, go right from the entrance of the Dark Palace to a room with a blue warp tile. Step on the tile to be taken to a room with a crack in the wall, then use a bomb on the crack to reveal an opening. Follow the path until you reach the room with the Map, then bomb the cracked spot in the left wall to open a passage to the treasure chest.

To find the Big Key in the Dark Palace, use the middle door to go up two rooms from the entrance. Then, go left to find a bridge with a crack in it. Bomb this crack, then drop through the hole that appears to land on a narrow ledge. Follow the ledge up and right to a stairway that leads to the treasure chest with the Big Key.

The Hammer is found on the first floor of the Dark Palace. From the palace's entrance, go up two rooms through the middle door, then go up the bridge on the right. Push the lower of the two blocks to the right so it falls off the bridge, then continue up to a large room with a blue bumper in the middle of it. Make sure that the blue blocks in this room are up. If they aren't up, stand next to the treasure chest and shoot an Arrow at the crystal to your left. Go through the upper left door in this room and quickly run across the breakaway bridge to the top of the room. Enter the door to the left and bomb along the right side of the room to open a path to the Hammer.

To locate Helmasaur's lair from the entrance of the palace, walk up two rooms through the center doorways. When you reach the room with two bridges, walk up the bridge on the right. To do so, push the bottom block on the bridge to the right so it falls of the ledge. In the next room, stand below the chest and face left. Use either your Boomerang or an Arrow to hit the crystal switch on the platform next to you. Once the blue posts are down, jump across the small gap in front of you and walk through the door on the right. In this room, you will find a button to the right of the staircase. Push a statue on top of the button, then walk up the stairs and go through the door. Here you will find a large, one-eyed statue. Hit the statue in the eye with an Arrow to reveal a secret staircase. After descending the stairs, follow the one-way path left one room, down one room and right one room to a teleport tile. Stand on the tile and when you re-appear, walk straight up through the door above you to find Helmasaur's lair.

Helmasaur is a red, four-legged monster with a spiked tail that he lashes at you. He has a weak point in the middle of his forehead that he carefully protects with a strong purple mask. Use three Bombs or your Hammer to break through the mask. Then, attack the gem in the center of his head with your Sword or the Arrows to finish him off.

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