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A Link To The Past: Walkthrough -
Swamp Palace

The second Crystal Palace is located in a marsh in southern Hyrule. It is marked by the number two on the Dark World map. You must have the Hammer, which is found in the first Crystal Palace, to pound down the posts blocking the entrance to the marsh.

In addition to needing the Hammer to find the Swamp Palace, you must also possess the Flippers, which you can get at Zora's Waterfall in the Light World. When you enter the Swamp Palace, you will notice a broken ladder that you cannot reach. To climb the broken ladder, you must first flood the palace. To do so, stand outside the Swamp Palace and use your Mirror to return to the Light World. This will take you to the entrance of the Watergate. Enter the small building and pull the switch on the right to release water and flood the Watergate. Exit the building and step into the sparkling square to return to the Dark World. Re-enter the Swamp Palace and swim to the ladder. DIRECTIONS TO THE BIG KEY
To find the Big Key in the Swamp Palace, go to the room located on the far-left side of the first basement. As you make your way to this area, make sure that the yellow posts stay down. On your way to the far-left side of the first basement, you will run into a series of blocks that form a Y. Push these blocks out of your way and walk up the stairs to reach the first floor. Move the block in the upper-right corner of the first floor out of your way. Then, drop through the hole in that corner to return to the first basement. Once you land, walk right one room and open the treasure chest. This is where you'll locate the Big Key. DIRECTIONS TO THE HOOKSHOT
The Hookshot is located on the first basement floor of the Swamp Palace. From the entrance of the palace, go to the large square-shaped room in the center of the first basement. Use the Big Key to open the large chest in the center of this room to receive the Hookshot. DIRECTIONS TO ARRGHUS
To find Arrghus, start from the large square room where you found the Hookshot. Use the Hookshot to go up one screen to a room with shallow water in the center. Push the statue onto the button in the upper-left corner of the room to open two doors. Enter the second door from the right and follow the path to a room with a lever. Push the lever to drain the water, then work your way left and up to the room with seven waterfalls. Walk into the second waterfall from the right to find the passage that leads to Arrghus. HOW TO DEFEAT ARRGHUS
Arrghus is a large, one-eyed jellyfish with a thick coating of pink puffballs. To defeat it, you must destroy the puffballs one at a time. Do this by using your Hookshot to pull a puffball near you and hitting it with your sword until it disappears. Once all the puffballs are destroyed, hit Arrghus eight times with your Sword or four times with your Hammer.

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