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About Project Zelda

Project Zelda was created out of one's lifelong love of The Legends of Zelda. I've been playing them since 1992, and this series can do something to a person.

About Webmaster

T-Prime's Gamespot Profile

Screen Name: T-Prime
Real Name: **Classified**
Age: 19
Location: Somewhere in Canada
Interests: Nintendo, anime, TV, sports, computers, music (cliché, but true)
Favourite TV show: 24
Favourite animated TV shows: Weiss Kreuz, Inuyasha
Favourite movie: Enemy of the State
Favourite music group: Great Big Sea
Favourite song: Saliva - Click, Click, Boom
Favourite Zelda game: Ocarina of Time
Favourite non-Zelda game: Resident Evil (remake)
Favourite quote: *doorbell* "Who is it?" "Goons!" "Who?" "Hired goons!" "Hired goons?" *door opens* "Yaaa!" - Homer & Burns' goons, The Simpsons

Contact Me

ICQ: 62360919
Yahoo: N/A

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