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The Z-Files

June 26, 2003 - Some of the Z-Files have been updated and corrected. Despite the fact this is two years old, I may continue with the Z-Files again at some later point. Stay tuned.

July 4, 2001 - Welcome. Out of sheer boredom, I started going through my old collection of Majora's Mask screenshots, some from as far back as mid-'99. As I looked, I noticed quite a few odd things about them, things that aren't in the game or are even close. I got into wondering: just what did the programmers have in mind for this game at first?

Look at this, for example. Where on Earth is that? It looks sorta like Termina Field, but there's nothing in the background, and also, look at the sky! Is that even the sky or just somebody's wallpaper?

Here, we see Link in South Clock Town, looking up at the clock. However, notice that he has the Deku Shield, which, as we all know, is nowhere in the game, just the Hero's Shield and Mirror Shield. Why was it changed?

Ah, now it gets good. This is obviously Romani Ranch, with some very strange occurences in it. For one, in the background is neither the farmhouse nor the barn, and can't be any of the others, because they are built into the wooden wall. Cremia is standing next to Link, which never happens if it's outside and near a building. Also, far behind them is one of the Gorman Brothers! WTF? Why is he there? Was that one of the intentions of the game's designers at first? If so, what exactly was the reason?

To some of you, this screen may seem normal. "It's just the Stone Tower Temple!" you're saying to yourself and are probably wanting to say to me. But look closer at it. There are walls that I'm sure aren't there. And also, it's the Stone Tower Temple, but is it even in a tower? It looks like just level ground, don't you think? Not to mention that the Ocarina, the Fairy Ocarina at that, is equipped to the B button!

Another strange look at something that made it into the final game: the boat cruise through the Southern Swamp. However, it's quite a bit off. For one, the camera angle is too far back. Link has neither a sword nor shield, and almost none of the buttons or the meters are shown. Plus, Link has the Hero's Bow equipped in B. First off, if he's headed for Woodfall, he wouldn't have it yet. Also, why would you need the arrows on the boat? Judging by his suroundings, he's not chasing after Koume, so what was in mind for this place the first time around?

This one depicts Zora Link somewhere. Where exactly is he? It doesn't seem to be inside Zora Hall or the Pirate Fortress. It may be the Waterfalls, but it seems too enclosed. Also, look at the buttons. The Longshot, which isn't in the game, is on the B button, and take a look at the Left-C button. Can anyone make that out, or is it just me? That doesn't seem to be anything that Link can acquire throughout the game.

This one, I almost missed. But look closely at it for a second. Judging from the tower, Link is facing north, but where exactly is he standing? Something else I noticed was the colour of Link's fairy. Tatl is golden, but that fairy is blue! Navi? Was she originally supposed to be in this game? And finally, look at the Down-C button. It's the Adult Link Mask! Link was supposed to be able to become an adult in the original! Now wouldn't that have been something?

This one appears to go with the previous one: same hearts, magic, Rupees, and time of day. And once again, the Adult Link Mask is there! Not to mention that Link has the Fairy Ocarina equipped! But look: the platform from West Clock Town isn't that long and has a different pattern! Also, why is the water coming out of the fountains red?

This is an interesting shot. It portrays Zora Link at the Waterfalls doing karate moves. But check out the Right-C button. It appears to be the Zora Guitar! The Ocarina doesn't change on the menus when Link changes forms, but it looks like it did in the beta version! Strange, isn't it?

This one has the same problem as the one before it. In the Right-C button is not the Ocarina of Time, but the Deku Pipes! It makes you wonder: that would have been really cool to see, so why was it changed for the final version?

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