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Adventure of Link: Boss and Enemy Strategies

This section will teach you how to defeat every boss in the game, as well as some of the other difficult enemies as well.

HORSEHEAD (Palace 1 boss): Jump up and hit him in the head, then jump back to dodge his club. Repeat until dead.

HELMETHEAD (Palace 2 boss): Same thing as Horsehead, except you don't need to jump as high and you also have to watch for the other heads shooting at you.

IRONKNUCKLE (Palace 3 boss): Downthrust the area between the Ironknuckle and the horse a few times to get the guy off. Then TILAI.

CAROCK (Palace 4 boss): Cast the Reflect Spell and go to the left end of the screen, and duck. Carock does the rest for you!

GOOMA (Palace 5 boss): Hit him in the midsection, then jump away from the mace. It'll take a while to get the timing down, but it shouldn't be a problem if you can cast the Life Spell once.

BARBA (Palace 6 boss): Stay on the right island. When Barba rises up, get in close (and I mean CLOSE - almost hugging the thing), jump up, and hit him in the head. You'll need the Jump Spell to reach him.

THUNDERBIRD (Palace 7 boss 1): Use the Thunder spell to expose his head. (Note - you have to do this when he shows up - NOT just when his life bars appear. Remember, if you screw up you're out half of your magic!) His head is the weak point (natch). The fire he throws shouldn't be too hard to dodge - just make sure that you don't wind up directly ON Thunderbird's head. It's a sure hit there.

DARK LINK (Final Boss!): There's no sure way of defeating yourself. Keep a good rhythm going, jumping and striking, jumping and striking, and eventually the shadow will make a mistake. Just remember: With 8 Magic Containers, you should be able to use the Shield Spell and have enough for 2 doses of Life, so you really have 14 Heart Containers! Another thing to watch for is when the shadow jumps - you can get a good hit in when he lands if you're quick.

STALFOS: Hit them in the legs. Easy once you know what to do.
DAIRA (Axe Weilders): It depends. For the Orange ones, it's simple: Strike and move nack, strike and move back. For Red ones, use TILAI, jumping up when the Daira throws an axe.
IRONKNUCKLE: (This is TILAI, folks >) Jump up to fake out the Ironknuckle's shield placement, then strike as you're landing. Even the Blue ones fall for this.
SKULL BALLS: Strike. Strike. Strike some more. Even at Attack Level 8 it takes 11 hits to beat him! It helps if you have downthrust to beat him.
LIZARDMEN: TILAI. Especially the Orange kind - it's just an Ironknuckle for the outdoors. Blue ones should be done as you would a Red Daira.
DOOMKNOCKERS (Palace 4 Magicians): Reflect and duck. Enough said.
GORIYAS (Boomerang throwers): If you have downthrust, use it! Theses guys can't throw their boomerangs straight up. Otherwise, strike constantly, moving your shield accordingly.

Also remember that certain enemies (such as the field enemies around Nabooru) can only be hurt with the fire from the Fire Spell.
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