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Adventure of Link: Itinerary

Here's a basic walkthrough of the steps to take in order to win the game with the most efficiency. Remember, however, that this doesn't cover level-ups - you should stop every so often to build experience on your own. Also, this walkthrough assumes you know where to get everything. (If you don't, consult the necessary sections.)

Get Magic Container
Go to Rauru
Get Shield Spell
Take cave to Northeast desert
Get Heart Container
Clear first palace (Get Candle)
Take cave to mainland
Get Trophy
Go to Ruto
Get Jump Spell
Take cave to swamp
Talk to Bagu
Go to Saria
Find Mirror
Get Life Spell
Go to Death Mountain
Get Hammer
Get Magic Container
Get Medicine
Get Heart Container
Go to Mido
Get downthrust
Get Fairy Spell
Clear second palace (Get Power Glove)

Go to King's Tomb
Take cave to southern island
Clear Island Palace (Get Raft)
Go to East Hyrule
Go to Nabooru
Find Water
Get Fire Spell
Take cave to north mainland
Go to Maze Island
Save Child
Go to north mainland
Go to Darunia
Get Reflect Spell
Get upthrust
Go to Maze Island
Get Magic Container
Clear fourth palace (Get Boots)
Get Heart Container
Clear fifth palace (Get Whistle)

Defeat River Devil
Take cave to mid-east forest
Go to Hidden Kasuto
Get Magic Container
Get Spell Spell
Get Magic Key
Take cave to mainland
Get Heart Container
Go to Kasuto
Get Thunder Spell
Clear sixth palace (Get Cross & 1-up)
Retrieve all 1-up dolls
Take caves and lava to palace
Clear seventh palace
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