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Ocarina of Time: Golden Skulltulas

In case you don't know, the Skulltula Family, in Kakariko Village, was very rich. Then, one day, they were cursed due to their greed and sentenced to live as spiders until someone destroyed the Golden Skulltulas and collected their tokens. Every time you have enough tokens for a prize, go to the House of Skulltula and talk to the person you meet there. At the beginning, there are no people, only spiders.

Your prizes are as follows:

10 Tokens = Adult's Wallet (Holds up to 200 rupees)
20 Tokens = The Stone Of Agony (Your Rumble Pak rumbles when near secrets)
30 Tokens = Giant's Wallet (Holds up to 500 rupees)
40 Tokens = Ten Bombchus (Bomb-creatures that run up walls)
50 Tokens = A Piece of Heart
100 Tokens = A gold rupee (which you can get over and over!)

Bottom of the Well (3 Gold Skulltulas)

As a Child...

1) In the cage with the Like-Like. That, my friends, is a very scary thought. If you let it take your gear, and get swallowed up again, both while OUTSIDE of the cage, he'll bring you inside.

2) Put on your Lens of Truth to find a hidden path to an aclove with a Skulltula inside.

3) In a room with a Deku Baba and flying pots. It's on the wall.

Death Mountain Crater (2 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

4) Play the Bolero of Fire as a child, and you should be very near a soft soil location. I hope you know the drill by now, and if not, you aren't worthy of an explanation!

5) At the summit of Death Mountain, use the entrance to the Crater. There is a crate on the left side of the little hallway you come in. Roll into it/bomb it/sledgehammer it/shoot yourself and kill the Skulltula that pops out.

Death Mountain Trail (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

6) When you first enter the trail, examine the right side of the wall. A patch of it looks a little strange. Obviously, it can be bombed. Once you DO bomb it, you can kill the Gold Skulltula inside. Later on the trail, there is more of this.

7) See the soft soil spot in front of the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern? Well, guess what? You plant a bug in there, and kill the Skulltula which pops out!

As an Adult...

8) At night, Go to the wall where the Skullwalltulas are guarding the summit. You'll probably hear the noise if you walk around enough. Anyways, behind one of those boulders is a Golden Skulltula.

9) Also at night, go back to where you through the bomb off the ledge to open up Dodongo's Cavern. Remember, just take a left before Goron City. Same things described above.

Desert Colossus (3 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

10) Right next to the Temple's entrance, there is a spot of soft soil. Just drop in the bug and let the stupid thing out!

As an Adult...

11) Look up in one of the palm trees. There is the little bugger. Simply use Enemy's Enemy #1, The Hookshot.

12) If you plant a magic bean at the soft soil spot near the entrance to the Spirit Temple, as an adult you can ride it to pick up a Skulltula.

Gerudo Fortress (2 Golden Skulltulas)

As an Adult...

13) Go to the horse archery range and look on I believe the northernmost big target. Nearly impossible to miss. I think it stays there when you play the game.

14) Hard to describe. You know how when you first walk in, if you turn right, you're facing the fortress? This Skulltula is somewhere on the wall straight ahead from there. Get high up, and employ the Hoverboots to reach a close platform.

Gerudo Valley (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

15) Get on the board bridge and take a looksie to the right. There it is, right behind the waterfall.

16) Grab a Cucco, and get to the right side of the big gap before the bridge. Jump, and try and land on a ledge with a cow and a Gerudo. Soft soil can be found there, which means...well, you know.

As an Adult...

17) Look behind the tent where the carpetners are hanging out. There it is, plain as day and not to easy to miss.

18) Right in front of the entrance to the Gerudo Fortress. Look up high, and I think this sucker is hanging around on a stone pillar or something. Not easy to overlook.

Goron City (2 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

19) Once you have obtained bombs, look around on the uppermost level until you run into a room full of rocks. Destroy the ones you can with bombs until you make it to the end. Some rupees, and a crate. Betcha can't guess what's inside.

As Either Link...

20) Remember that platform way high up suspended by ropes? If you look carefully, you see a Skulltula just hanging on the outside of it. You can use bombs, Din's Fire, the Slingshot, Boomerang, Hookshot, arrows, or sword attack to kill it, and the boomerang, Hookshot, or your body to get the token.

Haunted Wasteland (1 Golden Skulltula)

As an Adult... 21) You know the building where the invisible Poe Guide speaks to you? Yeah, that's the one. Drop down in there and wail mercilessly on one of the last surviving members of the endangered species, the Golden Skulltulas.

Hyrule Castle (2 Golden Skulltulas)

As a child... 22) Right when you enter, you'll see a tree in front of you. Roll into it, and voila! A Skulltula pops out. I suggest rolling into it from the side. The last time I did it, the thing fell on my head.

23) Go to where you woke Talon up, and turn around. See that tree over there in the corner. Go up to it and play the Song of Storms. Fall in there hole revealed. Atta boy, now just hunt down the Golden One.

As an Adult (The place is now Ganon's Castle)...

24) You see that stone arch? Yeah, the first guard was there as a child. Well, go through it, and you'll hear the all too annoying "Shoosh shoosh shoosh shoosh" of the Skulltula. Turn around and blast it!

Hyrule Field (2 Golden Skulltulas)

As Either Link...

25) Go to the steps near Kakariko Village. Now, take a left, and you should see a lone tree and Hyrule Castle. Now, take out a bomb and place it next to the tree, and back up. Go into the hole that appeared, and destroy the Spider down there.

26) See that silver rock in front or the entrance to Gerudo Valley? The one with a circle of stones around it? Become an adult, and use the Megaton Hammer on it. You can go in the hold revealed as a kid or adult though. There's a cow in there. And a Giant Skulltula too.

Hyrule Market (1 Golden Skulltula)

As a child...

27) Go to the area in-between Hyrule Field and the actual Market. Enter the door on the side. See the crate next to the guard? It had a Skulltula in it. Bust it open, and kill the darn thing.

Kakariko Village (8 Golden Skulltulas)

As a child...

28) At night, look on the ladder of the tremendously large lookout tower. The Golden Skulltula should be on there.

29) At night, it's on the back of the House of Skulltula. Obviously, you're supposed to kill it and get the token.

30) At night, look for a house near Death Mountain Trail. On the side is your Golden Skulltula. For some reason, the door to this building is locked. Why?

31) At night, look for the big construction site, near the well. On the back of one of the stacks of bricks is a Golden Skulltula.

32) At night, look on the wall of Dampe the Gravekeeper's House, in the graveyard. There it is, my friends.

33) There is a patch of soft soil in the graveyard. Plant in the bug, and slap the Skulltula that pops out.

34) When you first come in, at night, roll into the tree that is dead ahead. It falls right out.

As an Adult...

35) Look on the roof of Impa's House at night. Requires the Hookshot. Impa's House is just right of the entrance, and has a guard standing in front of it.

Kokiri Forest (3 Golden Skulltulas)

As Young Link...

36) Let loose a bug on the patch of soft soil here. Obviously, after a few seconds, out pops Mr. Skulltula, just waiting to be killed.

37) At night, look on the back of the Know-It-All Brothers' House. You need the Boomerang to get the token, and the Slingshot to kill it.

As Adult Link...

38) Look on the back of the Twins' House at night. Way up there, isn't it? You need the Hookshot if you are to collect the token from the poor dead one.

Lake Hylia (5 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

39) At night, look on one of the tiny islands out in the distance. I believe there are about three. Just nail it with the sword.

40) Look on the hard-to-reach back of the science lab. Since it's on the waterside, you need to get far away to view it. Hence, the boomerang is a necessity to capture the token.

41) There is a patch of soft soil in front of the science lab as a Child. Once again, plant a bug.

As an Adult...

42) Use the Serenade of Water to warp here. At night, use you Longshot or Din's Fire to wipe out that Gold Skulltula way high in the tree. If you aim the Longshot just right, you'll get up there and get the token.

43) After you've got the Iron Boots, go into the science lab and use them to sink to the bottom. In the crate down there, you'll find a Gold Skulltula.

The Lon Lon Ranch (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a child...

44) Come in at night, and look on the second-story window of Talon's House. See the Skulltula? You'll need the Boomerang to retrieve the token.

45) Go to the one and only tree in the entire ranch. It's right at the beginning of the corral. Just roll right on into it.

46) Remember where you (might have) gotten the Piece of Heart? Way in the back, that little shed with the cows in it? Well, now there's a Golden Skulltula hanging around there. Kill it!

47) You know the circular fence that sort of keeps the horses inside of it? On the back, there is sort of a wooden thing. Kill the Skulltula you find there. Well, you don't HAVE to, but you know.

Lost Woods (3 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

48) Remember the bridge that goes from Kokiri Forest to Hyrule Field? In the room below is a soft soil spot. Plant a bug and watch it grow up. I believe this is left, left from the entrance.

49) Deeper in to the Woods is another soft soil spot. Plant another bug in there. Just be careful of the Deku Scrubs constantly firing at you.

As an Adult... 50) Go back to where you found Lost Woods Golden Skulltula #2 as a child. Hear that noise. As a kid, you can plant a bean in the soft soil, and ride the platform up to the Skulltula as an adult. However, using Din's Fire to kill it and the Longshot to retrieve it is possible as well, but very hard.

Sacred Forest Meadow (1 Golden Skulltula)

As an Adult...

51) When you get near the end, close to the Moblin with the club, take a left and look up. There it is!

Zora's Domain (1 Golden Skulltula)

52) Go to the top of the now-frozen waterfall at night, to the place where you played the Diving Game as a kid. Look to your left. Now, get the right angle and blast it with your Hookshot (although the Longshot is better).

Zora's Fountain (3 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

53) Alright, at night, look around until you find a "meaningless" log in the water. It's big, so hop onto it. Follow it to the wall, and kill the Skulltula you find there.

54) Go to that island way in the back. See the lonely tree over here? Guess what you get for having the ingenuity to roll into it?

As an Adult...

55) Go back to that lonely island which you got the LAST Golden Skulltula at. Pick up the rock if you have the Silver Gauntlets, or just dispatch of it with a few blows from the Megaton Hammer (can you do that?). Down below, kill the 3 invisible Skulltulas (not golden, not giant, not wall, just normal) and proceed to wipe out lil' Mr. Golden down there.

Zora's River (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

56) As usual, there is a tree at the entrance which you can roll into. And, as if I NEEDED to tell you, inside of it is a Golden Skulltula.

57) Get to the very end, and then just simply drop down. Yes, it's shallow enough to stand in. At night, there is a Gold Skulltula on the ladder. You know what to do, right?

As an Adult...

58) At night, go all the way to the wooden bridge near the entrance to Zora's Domain. Look up. It's WAY HIGH on a wall. Oh yeah, and watch out for the Octorok spitting at you.

59) Get up to that large piece of land where I believe you can also obtain a Heart Piece. Anyways, a wall up there at night holds JUST what you want.

Well, I ran into some alphabetizing problems. Anyways, I was moving things around, and the levels ended up here, at the end somehow. Almost in perfect order, too. Strange. Here, take 'em!

Inside The Deku Tree (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

60) Go to the Compass room, where you raise the three plaforms. One of them leads you to an aclove with a You-Know-What inside. Be careful, heh heh heh.

61) When you break spider web number one, look on the vines which are the way back up. There's what you're looking for!

62) In that same room, look for a hole with wooden bars across it. I suggest the Boomerang, if you haven't already gotten the token.

63) There is a room with a torch, and two burnable spiderwebs. Now, a Deku Baba is behind one of them, and the exit to the room is behind the other. Go to the Deku Baba, kill him, and bomb the wall behind him. Inside are two Skulltulas, one of them Golden!

Dodongo's Cavern (5 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

64) Go to the room where you had to detonate many bombs at the same time to create a staircase? Go there, get on the walkway, walk around to find some bombs, and kill the Golden Skulltula. Also, kill the Skullwalltula just because.

65) This is sort of a toughie. Go in, and climb onto the elevator. Go into the room with the switchblades and make your way to the ladder that DOESN'T have a blue block at its base. You're now in the room where you had to make the stairs with bombs, but in an odd location. Go left on the path and climb up the vines. Now, kill the Skulltula you find up there and take its precious token. Ever wonder how they carry these things around? Or how they can stay in 1 spot for 7 years?

66) Take a right when in the main room. Alright, now you should be in a hallway with a bunch of Dodongo Larva. Examine the right side wall, and either use your own bomb, or detonate a Larva near the funny-looking part. Circle the Armos to find the hidden Skulltula.

67) Go through the Dodongo Head and into the room with the blocks. A section of the right wall looks a wee bit funny. Bomb it, and you have the same Armos/Skulltula setup as in the previous spider.

As an Adult...

68) Go back into the Dodongo Larva hallway where you got the third Skulltula in here as a kid. Look up and left until Navi turns green. Play the Scarecorw's Song and Hookshot your way up there, and collect yet another token.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

69) Look in the holes where Princess Ruto was first seen. One of them leads to the area that this thing is on. Just Boomerang to kill it and get the token back.

70) Basically just a few mere feet away from the previous one. Kill it in the same fashion, I suppose. These 2 look abnormally large for some reason.

71) The room with water between two pieces of land, with the switch on the water. Some vines on the right side of the room. Just kill it via boomerang or slingshot and climb the vines to retrieve the token. You just CANNOT miss this.

72) Room before the boss, where you've gotta flip the switch to open the door. Climbing up the vines, you'll probably at least hear this one. Seek and destroy my friends, seek and destroy.

Forest Temple

As an Adult...

73) In the very first room, dispatch of the Wolfos and use the climbable vines on the right side. Remember, Gold Skulltulas don't move. Climb to the platform and Hookshot it to death, then pick up the token.

74) In the main room, with the torches and ghosts, he's right there on the wall. Man, even if you WANTED to you couldn't beat this level without killing it, that "Sheesh sheesh sheesh sheesh" noise would drive you insane.

75) Go to the high up plant rooms, and drop down off of a balcony. Well, that was quite easy, now wasn't it?

76) You've seen this one by now, I'm sure. The room with the well in it? Well, you should use the treasure chest as a Hookshot target, then look up on the wall and kill it.

77) In the room in front of the Boss Room, push the wall until you find a Giant Skulltula. Kill it, go inside, and blast the Golden Skulltula.

Fire Temple (5 Golden Skulltulas)

As an Adult...

78) Go to the huge room with the bridge leading across it. Find the blue block and play the Song Of Time. Go into the now-accessable room, and kill the Golden Skulltula inside.

79) There are two rooms with spinning tiles flying at you and a Like-Like at the end. One leads to the Boss Key. Look behind the Like-Like in this one. Hi Mr. Skulltula. Bye Mr.Skulltula.

80) Go to the boulder maze room type thing, lower level. You know how there are some overhangs, and the camera will change to normal view when you get in these? Most lead to a door, one leads to the freakin' Skulltula noise. Bomb the floor, and kill the Skulltula you find.

81) On the upper level of the boulder maze, look for a place to play the Scarecrow's Song. Do that, and follow the platforms in the sky to get to the next victim on your Skulltula list.

82) Go to the room where you found the Megaton Hammer. Look for the island which seems to be floating in midair. Any further instructions on my part would only serve to insult your intelligence.

Ice Cavern (3 Golden Skulltulas)

As an Adult...

83) Go to the room with the helicopter slicing blade. Go to the side with icicles and the Golden Sklltula. Smask the icicles and hug the wall so you can use the Hookshot without worrying about the blade.

84) Find the odd room where you have to manuever the large blacks of ice around. I believe you know what to do now, and if you don't, tough luck.

85) Remember where you went into that aclove to get the Piece of Heart out of the Red Ice? In the Compass room? It's around there somewhere. You have more red ice to burn, if memory serves.

Water Temple (5 Golden Skulltulas)

86) Face the area where Princess Ruto used to be, but take a left and go in that hallway. The water must be lwoered so you can use a bomb on the crack in the floor. When you get to the grate, use a spin slash (or Din's Fire, or whatever). Kill the SKulltula inside.

87) When you get the Longshot, drop into the hole behind it. Above the third vortex (one is at the beginning and easy to miss) on the wall is the GS.

88) After acquiring the Longshot, go into the central pillar and get way high up. Atta boy! Now, kill the Skulltula and retrieve its token with the Longshot. Now, wasn't that easy? No.

89) Remember that waterfall that spit out boulders? It was before the Boss Key, remember? Yeah, put onthe iron boots and get near the waterfall. On the wall is the ruthless, cunning, savvy, immobile Golden Skulltula.

90) In the room before you face Dark Link (I think) it's a waterfall type thing. Platforms going down into the center, you've gotta get from one side to the other. Look on the right wall. Longshot must be used to get the token.

Shadow Temple (4 Golden Skulltulas)

91) It the room with the Iron Maiden type contraption coming down form the ceiling, block it with a blokc first of all. Exploring the cages will find you a Golden Skulltula. Ain't that just dandy?

92) Look behind those large, blue, spinning skulls. Not much else to say about this one.

93) In the area with the Wallmaster, guillotines, and Stalfos, turn left when you beat the Stalfos and use the Lens of Truth to follow the invisible path. Collecting Silver rupees in this next room opens the door to a Golden Skulltula. Put the Lens of Truth on in this room, trust me.

94. Stand on the Triforce symbol where you would normally play Zelda's Lullaby to get the ship moving. Look to your left and play the Scarecrow's Song. Longshot to Pierre and kill the Golden Skulltula you find up there.

Sprit Temple (6 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

95) Go to the room with the Sun Icon on a block, that wants to see the light. Walk into the room that contains that Iron Knuckle. Look at the door behind you. Youch!

96) Go through tunnel numebr one, next to Nabooru, and go right. Use the Boomerang to destroy it, since it's on the grating.

97) Go through the second tunnel, then the locked, door, and then climb the wall, knocking out those pesky Skullwalltulas. Turn around, and you get an ugly sight.

As an Adult... 98) Go into that big area with the large female Egyptian statue. Go up the stairs and search for a spot to use the Scarecrow's Song. When you find it, use it. Duh.

99) There is a big, rotating skull here, like there was in the Shadow Temple. And, once again, lurking behind it is a Golden Skulltula.

100) Go to the room with the boudlers rolling about where you have to jump in acloves to get silver rupees. Play the Song of Time to move the blue block. Behind it is a Gold Skulltula.

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