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Ocarina of Time: Mini Games

1) The Diving Game

Location Of Game - Zora's Domain, as a kid. Simply go into King Zora's Chamber and take a left. Now, talk to the Zora you meet there.

Cost - 20 Rupees (but you win them back)

How to win - She will throw the rupees down into the water below. Dive down there, and just keep diving to snag the rupees. Once you've got them all, if time isn't up, she'll tell you to come see her for your reward. They're all silver rupees this time, but once you win and come back, you get real ones, like red ones.

Your Prize is- The Silver Scale the first time, rupees all subsequent times.

2) Archery Games

Location - Hyrule Market as a kid. Simply look for the building with the target on it. Also found in Kakariko Village as an adult, again it's a building with a target on it.

Cost - 10 rupees

How to win - You have to use B to fire this time. Ten large rupees will pop up/come from different location on the screen. Simply time it right and shoot them. As a kid, they always appear from the same locations, but as an adult it is different.

Your Prize Is - If you hit eight or nine of them, you get a free retry, but if you nail all ten, you get a Deku Seed upgrade, or a quiver upgrade, depending on the weapon you used. After that, it's rupees.

3) The Treasure Chest Game Location- Hyrule Market as a child. Second door to Link's left at night.

Price - 10 rupees?

How to Win - You are put through a series of room- 5 to be exact. There are two treasure chests in each room. One holds a key, the other holds a rupee. Anyways, with the Lens Of Truth, you can see INSIDE the chests. Keep on getting the keys until you reach the end.

Your Prize Is - A nice, shiny Heart Piece. After that, you just keep getting purple rupees. Nice money source, IMO.

4) Racing Ingo (as an adult)

Location - The Lon Lon Ranch, the ONLY place Ingo ever is, and the ONLY place you find horses!.

Cost - 60 or 70 rupees, if you've ridden before it's 60, if not it's 70.

How To Win - Back as a child, you showed Malon your Ocarina, learned Epona's Song, and played it for her, right? Good, now go to Lon Lon Ranch, and Ingo has taken over. That's nice. Ask to ride. Get in, and play Epona's Song, to get her to come over to you. If you race with the other horse, you CANNOT win. Ride for a while, and quit or wait until time is up. Ride again, and talk to him while on horseback. He says that you are getting better, and challenges you to a race. The trick is to stay on the inside, and use carrots until you only have one left. Every time one grows back, use it, but using that last carrot will REALLY slow you down. You have to win twice. On the second, he could be a problem. Use yourself to block him. I once finished the second race in 32 seconds and still won using that technique.

Your Prize Is - Epona. Just get a BIG running start and jump over the back fence to escape the corral.

5) Obstacle Course Location - As an adult, go to Lon Lon Ranch after beating Ingo and getting Epona. Talk to Malon while on horseback.

How To Win - Remember, the little fences don't need a running start. You've gotta use a carrot a few steps before a fence if you wanna jump it, using them close up won't work. Two laps, and you have :50 seconds to do it in. Not too hard, not too easy.

Your Prize Is - Go back to your house and you'll find a COW. Play Epona's Song to collect milk from it whenever you want it.

6) Bombchu Bowling Alley

Location - Hyrule Market as a child, like so many other Mini-Games.

Price - 30 Rupees/1 turn

How To Win - You have to break down three walls, hitting the center target on all three on them. The first one is straight ahead, and easy enough. Just don't get in the blade's way. The second is either straight ahead, or off to the right side. The straight ahead one is the same, just farther, and you have a tiny chicken to avoid. The one on the right requires you to get pretty far on the left, turn diagonally, facing the hole, and let a rip! The third is usually just another straightaway shot, but you have the blade, the little chicken, a hole, and a big chicken. Line yourself up properly and fire while the blade is off to one side, the little chicken is far away, and the big chicken is in the center. You should get past all of them, dip into the hole, come up, and win!

Your Prize Is - Sometimes Rupees, sometimes a Piece of Heart, and sometimes a larger bomb bag.

7) Fishing

Location - Lake Hylia, both as an adult and as a child.

How To "Win" - Read the man's instructions and follow them, because I have better things to do than to rewrite them. I will say this, go to the far end of the pool, where the water comes out, and cast. Big lunkers there.

Your Prize Is - Rupees for anything that breaks the current record. Also, a Heart Piece for a 10-pounder as a kid, the Golden Scale for a 15-20 pounder as an adult.

8) Cucco Catching

Location - Kakariko Village (as a kid)

How To "Win" - You must find seven Cuccos in the village and place them in the cage next to the woman.

1) At the entrance to the village
2) Inside the crate next to the stairs
3) Next the the graveyard's entrance
4) Near the path up Death Mountain
5) Across the fence at the House of Skulltula (use another Cucco to float to it)

For the next two, take a Cucco, go up the stairs leading to the windmill, and jump to the enclosed area across the fence

6) Next to the shop's stairs
7) Behind the windmill (climb the ladder and go around)

Your Prize Is - One of the four bottles that you can store things in (potions, fairies, bug, Poes, etc.)

9) Talon's Cucco Finding Game, as a kid

How to "Win" - You must find the three "Super Cuccos" that he throws in with the rest of them. Not too hard, but if you talk to him while looking at the right angle, you'll see where one or two of them land. Just keep picking up Cuccos, and you'll get it eventually.

Your Prize Is - Another bottle, along with some Lon Lon Milk - drink some and five hearts will be restored (even though a fairy would be much better).

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