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Ocarina of Time: Master Quest

In 1999, several months after Ocarina of Time was released, Nintendo of Japan announced "Ura-Zelda" for their upcoming N64 CD add-on, the "64DD", which was to be a "director's cut" of sorts of Ocarina of Time. The 64DD failed horrendously, and Ura-Zelda never saw the light of day in Japan. When The Wind Waker was announced for pre-sale, NOJ (and also NOA later on), in an effort to get the public to buy a game that it was very unsure of, announced a special pre-order disc containing both a cleaned port of Ocarina of Time, and the game that had been announced four years prior, Ura-Zelda, now renamed Ocarina of Time: Master Quest. While the overworld and story remained intact, the dungeons were re-designed to difficulties of fiendish proportions. Only true masters need enter...

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