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Ocarina of Time: Heart Pieces

There are 36 Heart Pieces scattered throughout Hyrule, some easily attainable, some almost impossible to get, and the rest give a decent challenge. Without further ado, here they are.

AL = Young Link Only
YL = Adult Link Only
BL = Both young and adult Link

Hyrule Field (2 Hearts)

1) You see that fenced-in area near the entrance to Lake Hylia? You know, the one with two white, jumpable fences, and two black, unjumpable ones? Yeah, that's the place. Put a bomb in the center, back off, and drop in the revealed grotto. You need 10 rupees to buy the Heart Piece from the Business Scrub down there.

2) Exit Hyrule Market. Now, out in the field, take a 90 degree turn right until you see a little stream and a bunch of trees. One of the trees isn't particularly close to any other trees. Bomb it, and go in the revealed grotto. You need the Golden Scale or the Iron Boots to obtain this Heart Piece.

Lon Lon Ranch (1 heart)

3) YL - Go into the corral area, outside, where all the horses are running around. You see that little building in the far corner? It shows up as a little square on your map. Go in there. Now, those crates are blocking a hole in the wall. It's tough to pull them out, but you can. When you reveal the hole, crawl through and grab the Heart Piece.

Kakariko Village (8 hearts)

4) YL - Go into the graveyard at night. Remember, time is stopped in Kakariko, so wait on the outside steps until you hear a wolf howl. Now, ask him to dig, but only in the soil spots, not the grass spots. The heart is always in different places, so dig on all those spots. And have a lot of money ready, 'cause this could take a while.

5) Kill 50 Gold Skulltulas, pick up their tokens, and go to the House of Skulltula. Talk to the freed child, and he will give you another Piece of Heart.

6) After you have a magic meter, the owl is right outside where you obtained it, atop Death Mountain. Take his offer for a ride. Drop down onto the brown overhang, near the Cucco Lady. Walk into the hold in the wall, grab the heart, and maybe get some milk.

7) Go into the graveyard. See that grave in the second row, with flowers on it? Near the large statue? Pull on it, drop down, destroy the ReDead, and play the Sun's Song.

8) AL - Plant a magic bean in the soft soil spot in the graveyard as a kid, and come back as an adult. The Heart Piece is in the crate, so roll into it. As a kid, use a Bombchu to destroy the crate, and Boomerang the Heart Piece.

9) AL - Get the Longshot, and climb up to the lookout tower (not at night, or prepare to be surprised). Now use the Longshot on the roof with the guy on it. Talk to him, and he'll give you a Heart Piece.

10) AL - OK, go back to where you raced Dampe the first time and won the Hookshot. Now all you have to do is win the race in under a minute. An easy way to do this is to play warp songs. The text will come up that you can't warp, but the timer doesn't tick while the text is still on the screen! You can EASILY beat a minute doing this. Also the torches, at the end, after the spiral ledge you run up, can be used as Longshot targets.

11) In the graveyard, finish the race with Dampé. Now climb the stairs and jump from platform to platform to obtain the Piece. You can also just use the Boomerang as a kid to grab it.

Death Mountain Trail (1 Heart)

12) AL - As a child, plant a Magic Bean in front of the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. Come back as an adult and climb it.

Zora's River (4 Hearts)

13) YL - First, you need to have the Song of Storms. As a kid, go to Zora's River. There is a log which comes out from a part of the land. When you step on it, Navi mentions some frogs are staring at you. Now, whip out your Ocarina and play the Song of Storms for them. Good boy, you get a heart. Anything else, and you get purple rupees.

14) YL - After attaining Heart Piece #12, go back to the frogs again. Play every song on the top row (i.e., all that don't warp you) and they'll talk about how fat they are. Now, you get to play their bug-catching game. You simply play the proper note when a bug flies over a frog. The pattern is always the same, so just find out which button activates which frog, and memorize it, or write it down.

15) BL - As young Link, go to the end of the river, near the waterfall. Take a Cucco from the bean-selling guy with you. See that heart on the ledge over there? Do you? Good. There are 3 ways to snag this heart. You can use the Cucco to fly/jump to it. However, it is MUCH easier as an adult, when you can use the Hoverboot to get to it. The easiest is to use the boomerang to grab it.

16) BL - Look for a ledge like the one in Heart #15. Use the same strategy. I believe you need to use the ladder in the middle of the area to climb on a big big piece of land to get near it.

Zora's Domain (1 Heart)

17) YL - I recommend getting the all-powerful Din's Fire before trying this. First, go look BEHIND the waterfall and you'll find two torches. Use Din to light them simultaneously. I recommend standing in front of the right one, with a Deku stick on the C-menu. Now, get the stick lit, run through the SHALLOW area of the water so you don't fall in, and light the third torch. Keep running without relighting, and you'll find the fourth and final one outside the shop. Now, go back to the first two torches and open up the treasure chest to reveal your prize, a Heart Piece.

Zora's Fountain (2 Hearts)

18) AL - As an adult, there are several large ice blocks in the water. One has a Heart Piece. Swim to it or use the Hover Boots.

19) AL - As an adult, strap on the Iron Boots and go walking around underwater until you see rupees. Well, in the center is a heart piece. Remember to put on the Zora Tunic!

Ice Cavern (1 Heart)

20) AL - It's in a block of red ice. Simply use blue fire to get through the red wall in the room with the helicopter blade. The compass is in here as well.

Hyrule Market (3 Hearts)

21) YL - You remember that back alley, the one with the shop that sells Bombchus and the locked door? If you go there at night, the door is unlocked, and inside a woman will tell you about her lost dog, Richard. Go back outside, and look behind the stand closest to the exit. He is the white one. Hit him a few times to get him to follow you, then go back to the lady. Try not to pick up any strays along the way.

22) YL - Go into the Bombchu Bowling Alley. Pay rupees to play (see Mini-Games). If you win, you get a prize. Sometimes it's a Piece of Heart. I got the heart on my second try, so it shouldn't take too long.

23) YL - Go play the Treasure Chest Game (see Mini-Games). If you use the Lens of Truth, you can see inside of them, making much easier. Anyways, you get a Piece of Heart the first time.

Lost Woods (2 Hearts)

24) After obtaining Saria's Song, enter the Woods and take a left. Jump on the tiny stump and play it. The Skull Kid gives you a Piece of Heart.

25) Keep going into the Lost Woods, and you'll find another little stump that you can jump on. Whip out your Ocarina and play with the Skull Kids (see Mini-Games). After you win enough, you'll get a Piece of Heart.

Death Mountain Crater (2 Hearts)

26) OK, this is pretty simple. See that climbable wall over there? There is a good sized hole in the side. Climb in it. You see that heart piece? Get it!

27) As a child, play the Bolero of Fire. Go plant a bean in the soft soil spot pretty near where you warped to. Come back as an adult, and bingo! A magical platform. Ride on it, and you'll be able to jump down and collect the heart piece you've seen many times before, no doubt.

Goron City (1 Heart)

28) YL - See that big vaselike thingamajig on the ground? Light all the torches on the lower level using a combination of Din's Fire and Deku Sticks, or just the Deku Stick. Now it starts spinning. Get up to about the second level and toss a bomb in there. Way to go, something now pops out. It might be a Heart Piece, it might be something feeble. Keep at it, ya never know when it'll come out.

Lake Hylia (3 Hearts)

29) YL - Catch a ten-pounder. That is the biggest fish in there at the time. No easy task, indeed. Not at all.

30) AL - Two ways to do this. 1)Go to Lake Hylia as a child, and plant a bean in the soft soil spot right next to the lab. When you come back, you be able to reach the roof. Now, climb the ladder to get to your heart. Guay are everywhere though, so watch out. 2) Use the Scarecrow's Song as an adult, and Hookshot using Pierre. This is also pretty good to keep the birds off of you.

31) Once you have obtained the Golden Scale, go to the lab as an adult. Dive to the bottom of his pool (the Iron Boots don't work) and talk to him. He rewards your diving skills with a Piece of Heart.

Gerudo Fortress (2 Hearts)

32) AL - As an adult, use Epona and go to the shooting range. Score at least 1,000 on the Horseback Archery game and this Heart Piece is yours!

33) AL - Get onto the roof of the fortress, highest level. Up there you'll probably see a large chest. Either use the Longshot to get to it or use the Scarecrow's Song. Either way a Heart Piece is still in there.

Gerudo Valley (2 Hearts)

34) AL - Go to the other side of the bridge, near the carpenters. Look down, and you'll see a ledge with a cow and a lady. Drop down there if you have the health to lose, grab a Cucco if not. Get near the Giant Waterfall and jump in. Iron Boots help. Go behind the fall and climb the ladder. You get a Heart Piece.

35) Don't cross the bridge, but instead get to the left and look down. Get to the ledge. There should be a silver rock here. Look across, and Longshot the crate over there. Inside it is a Piece of Heart. I suggest not using a bomb.

Desert Colossus (1 Heart)

36) AL - Go there as a kid, and plant a Magic Bean near the entrance. When you come back, you have a ride. You can jump off early to kill a Gold Skulltula, or wait to get Heart Piece #36!!

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