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Link's Awakening: Items

Selected Items:
  • Sword: Your trusty blade is your main weapon.
  • Shield: Use the shield to protect yourself from enemy arrows or stone attacks. There is rumored to be a stronger variety which repells against beams!
  • Power Bracelet: Lift heavy objects and pull levers with the Power Bracelet. There is a stronger version which can allow you to lift elephants!
  • Magic Powder: Try sprinkling the Powder on many things to test its effects.
  • Sleepy Mushroom: Bring the mushroom to the Witch to make Magic Powder.
  • Roc's Feather: Use the Feather to avoid enemy attacks or jumping over pits.
  • Pegasus Boots: Run at incredible speed and crash into objects with an awesome force wearing the boots of mythical origin.
  • Hook Shot: Attacking enemies, picking up hard-to-reach items and breaking pots are just afew things you can do with the Hook Shot.
  • Magic Rod: The Magic Rod throws searing flames at enemies and lights the lanterns in darkened dungeon rooms.
  • Bombs: Buy bombs at the store or find them hidden under stones, then blast through walls and blow up enemies.
  • Bow: You can use the Bow only if you have arrows. If you run out of arrows, you canget more at shops. The Bow allows you to attack enemies from a safe distance.
  • Shovel: Treasures are buried in secret places on the island. Use the shovel to dig them up, then trade it off.
  • Ocarina: The Ocarina plays three different tunes, each with a different effect. Try all of them to see what happens.
Inventory Items:
  • Yoshi Doll: Yoshi Dolls are all the rage on Koholint Island. Try to win one playing the Trendy Game.
  • Secret Seashells: Secret Seashells are hidden all over the island. Look for them in tall grass and under the water.
  • Secret Medicine: Carry Secret Medicine to restore your energy when all of your hearts are empty.
  • Gold Leaves: Return the fabled Gold Leaves to their rightful owner and get a special key in return.
  • Flippers: Once you find the Flippers, you'll be able to dive and swim in the many lakes and rivers.
  • Level Keys: Five of the eight dungeons require their own individual keys. Search them out in various places on the island.
Dungeon Items:
  • Map and Compass: The Map shows all of the Level's rooms; the Compass shows the locations of unopened treasure chests and the Nightmare.
  • Stone Slabs and Fragments: When you piece the Fragments into the Stone Slabs, you will get a hint about how to conquer the dungeon.
  • Small Key: Small Keys open locked doors. Obtain them by finding Treasure Chests and defeating enemies.
  • Nightmare Key: You must find the Nightmare Key to get into the Nightmare's lair to challenge the guardian.
  • Instruments of the Sirens: You must collect all eight of the Sirens' Instruments from the Nightmares to solve the riddle of the Wind Fish.
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