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Link's Awakening: Seashells

1) Mabe Village - Mow down the bushes south of the Shop. The Shell is hidden beneath one.

2) Mabe Village - Take the Shovel to the little hut connected to Madame Meowmeow's House. Dig in the SE corner there.

3) The Tail Cave - Bomb through the left wall of room 4-D to find the seashell in 4-C.

4) Mysterious Forest - After getting the Power Bracelet, return here and pick up the shell in the southern part of the forest.

5) Ukuku Prairie - Take the Shovel to the opening near the Ghost's Grave, and dig in the space surrounded by plants.

6) Seashell Shrine - Go to the Shrine when you have exactly 5 shells to pick up a sixth.

7) Ukuku Prairie - An X marks the spot north of the Key Cavern. Use the shovel to dig in the middle of the cross.

8) Ukuku Prairie - On the plateau east of the Key Cavern, the owl sign tells you to dig near him. There's a shell there.

9) Ukuku Prairie - After defeating the Moblins on the screen with all the smooth stones, pick up a rock to uncover a sea shell. 10) Ukuku Prairie - Just east of the Seashell Shrine, cut down some bushes. There's a sea shell hidden there.

11) Seashell Shrine - Go to the Shrine when you have exactly 10 shells to pick up your eleventh.

12) Martha's Bay - On the screen where you can see the mermaid statue across the bay, cut down the bush to find a seashell.

13) Richard's Villa - After returning the Golden Leaves to Richard, go down the secret passage. Take the left side for a shell.

14) By the Tail Cave - West of the Tail Cave is a lone tree. Dash it to pick up a shell.

15) Ukuku Prairie - Just west of the Key Cavern is another tree near the phone booth. Dash it to pick up a shell.

16) Martha's Bay - Dig in the space near the Owl Sign NE of the Mermaid Statue.

17) Yarna Desert - Cross to the east border of Yarna Desert to lift the boulder and uncover the shell.

18) The Face Shrine - Use the Level 2 Power Bracelet to move a statue in the Face Shrine. Follow the steps to find the shell.

19) By the Key Cavern - Near the Key Cavern is an island where a sea shell grows.

20) Martha's Bay - You'll find a suspicious island south of Martha's Bay, with a bush on it. Demolish the bush to get the shell.

21) The Ghost's House - After you return the ghost to his grave, he'll tell you to look in his house for a shell. It's under a jar.

22) Tal Tal Mountains - Cross the bridge to the right of the egg. Pick up the stone to find a shell.

23) Tal Tal Mountains - Work your way to the treasure chest by going through lots of caves.

24) Near the Face Shrine - Exit the Face Shrine from room 1-A to come up in the rapids. The treasure chest you see is a shell.

25) Outside Kanalet Castle - Reach the secret stairs just SW of Kanalet Castle by using the rooster to fly over the 5 pits.

26) Inside Turtle Rock - Fall through the leftmost pit in the room with Hinox to land on a ledge. Go north to find a shell in a treasure chest.
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