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Link's Awakening: Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough for the overworld. For the dungeons, click here.

After the opening scene and after you talk to Marin, you'll want your sword and shield. To get the shield, talk to Tarin and he'll give it to you. Leave the house and head west, and then go south. At the beach, go to the right until you see your sword. The owl will then appear and talk to you, saying that you should meet him in the Mysterious Woods, north of the villiage. Go back to the village before the forest. Go into the south corner of village and play the Trendy Game. Press B and A to control the crane. Now take the doll to the house two screens north of Marin and Tarin's house. Trade it for the ribbon. Now go to the small house next the the house left of Marin and Tarin's house, and trade the ribbon for the dog food. Go north of the villiage into the Mysterious Forest ("it's a little bit mysterious") and the owl will talk to you once again. After he flies off, go up, up, right, right, and enter the cave. On the other side you'll find the Sleepy Toadstool. Take it to the witches house, which you'll find by leaving by the northeast. Give the mushroom to her, and she'll make Magic Powder for you.

Take the magic powder and go to the raccoon: when you went right the second time, go up. Sprinkle it on him, he'll transform into Tarin, who will confess he picked up a mushroom and ate it (not to smart, eh?). Go north, open the box and you'll get the Tail Key, and the owl will talk to you once again. Go southeast of Mabe to get to Level 1: Tail Cave.

The clue given is that the next instrument is in the swamp, but you'll have some other things to deal with before that. First, go to the beach. You'll come across a house at which you trade the dog food for bananas. When you return to Mabe villiage, the two boys whom were earlier playing catch come up to you and tell you moblins came to Madam Meow Meow's house and did something. go there and talk to her, you'll find that her pet chain chomp, Bowwow, has been kidnapped by moblins. You'll find the moblin's hideout near the witch's house; when leaving the forest, jump across the holes and go north. In there you'll fight many moblins, and at the end, the King Moblin. To fight him, charge up your sword and stay near either wall, walking up and down to avoid his arrows. When he dashes at you, avoid him and let him slam into the wall (if he doesn't slam into the wall, that means you weren't close enough to the wall.) He'll be stunned, so use the spinning attack on him. Repeat this process until he goes down. Bowow is in the next room.

Bring him to Goponga swamp, which is north of the mysterious forest. He'll eat the flowers that you couldn't pass before, so you can get to Level 2.

The next instrument is in the Prairie, but once again, you have some other things to do first. Take Bowwow back to Madam Meow Meow, and then go to the store and buy a shovel. Now go east of the village. Lift the boulders blocking your path. Go south and you'll see the third dungeon, but you'll need a key for it. Continue and you'll come across Richard's Villa. Richard will give you the key if you go to the castle and retrieve the five golden leaves he left behind. Follow the signs to the Castle in the northeast. To get in you'll have to give your Bananas to Kiki the monkey, who is east of the main entrance. He''l get other monkeys to build a bridge to the castle grounds. You'll get a stick in return (it'll come in handy later). When in the castle courtyard, you'll find the first two leaves; one on the east side by defeating the darknut that pops up out of the holes and throws bombs. The other one's on the west side. To get it from the crow, throw a rock at him, then slash at him. The next three are in the Castle. Once inside you'll find the third one simply by beating all the enemies in the first room with enemies. In the next room you'll find a switch that will open the castle gate. Go up the stairs, then down, and bomb the wall statue on the left and it will come to life. Beat the darknut and you'll get a leaf. Go right and down to the exit, and enter the next door. Throw a bottle at the door to open it and defeat the guy inside by using your shield and sword. He has the last leaf. Go back to Richard and he will open up a tunnel leading to his garden. Navigate the garden to find the owl sign. Read it, then dig in front of it to retrieve the Slime Key.

Now go back to Mabe villiage and enter the Dream Shrine, next to the quadruplet's house. Keep using the feather to avoid the enemies, and use the sword to push them away. At the end are two boxes: one containing 100 Rupees, and one containing the Ocarina. Go to Marin and get her to teach you her Ballad of the Wind Fish. Now go to the Prairie, and go straight and down. Find Tarin and give him the stick. After he's chased away by bees, grab the honeycomb. Go south of the castle, through the tunnel. On the other side, go down, then right immediately, and you'll find yourself in the animal village. Give the honeycomb to the bear in the southeasternmost house and he will give you a pineapple. The angler key that you need is stuck in Yarna desert, and you'll have to wake up the sleeping walrus to do that. You'll have to go back to Mabe villiage. There is a warp south of the village, just go south from the bear's house, which will bring you to the warp back near Mabe. Marin is nowhere in the village, but you can find her on the beach.

Take Marin with you off to the right. Make your way back to the Animal village and have Marin wake up the Walrus, then go into the desert. Head directly north and fight the sandworm (slash him in the head) to get the key. If it drops down, you have to chase it. Now go northeast of the Moblin's hideout to the area with the tekketies. You'll find the keyhole there. Unlock it and the waterfall will dry up, revealing level 4. Now climb up the Tal Tal Mountan range. Find Papahl, give him the pineapple and he will give you a Hibiscus. You can now drop down to level 4.

After leaving, go left of Level 4 and you'll find a cave with Manbo in it, he'll teach you Manbo's Mombo, which will bring you to the pond near Crazy Tracy's house at anytime. When used in a dungeon, it will warp you to the entrance.

Now you'll find soon enough you're being haunted. Sometimes the ghosts tells you what to do, other times he's strangely silent. Take the ghost to the house by the bay (one screen east of where you found Marin) and he will ask you to take him to his grave in the cemetery. Actually, his grave is nowhere near the cemetery. Take him to the lone grave near the witch's hut. Now go back to the animal village and give the Hibiscus to the goat. She will give you a letter, go bring the letter to Mr. Write (north of the mysterious forest) and he'll give you a Broom. Bring the broom to Madam Ulria (who is now at the animal village) and she'll give you a fishing hook. Go southwest of the village and find a bridge. Dive under it, give the hook to the fisherman, who'll give you a necklace. Go west and give the necklace to the mermaid, who gives you a scale from her tail. Then go to the center of the lake and enter Level 5: Catfish's Maw.

You can now use your hook shot to cross the fjord in the south of the lake and get to the mermaid statue. Put the scale in the statue, and push it to the side, inside you'll find the magnifying lens. Now go back to Mabe Village and use the magnifying lens on the lower right hand book in the library. It will give you a series of directions. Memorize them or write them down. The next part is optional. Go to the beach, and find the cracks in the wall. Bomb it, and talk to creature inside. He'll trade you the Boomerang for what you have equipped to B. It's best to trade your shovel, since that is the least important item you have. (Don't try this before you get the magnifying lens, because with it, you can't see him!) Now it's time to go north of the animal village to the Face Shrine.

The owl will speak to you and tell you that there are actually two face shrines, one in the north and one in the south. First you should visit the one in the south, going there you'll fight off Armoses (use the bow and arrows). In the face shrine you'll fight a King Moblin. Just use arrows until he's destroyed. If you run out of arrows, dash into him with the boots and sword. You'll get the Face Key. Now go to the next room, read the tapestry, and leave the shrine.

You'll have a brief discussion with the owl, then you'll want to head north. To enter the shrine, you'll want to dive into the water and go to the small island with the two armoses, there's a staircase under the left one. Go through the staircase and put the key in the hole and you'll open up Level 6: Face Shrine.

The last two levels are both on the Tal Tal mountain range, seven in the east and eight in the west. Either way, you won't be able to get into them until you make a visit to Mamu the frog.

South of the eastern entrance to Mabe is the Signpost Maze. a sign will tell you to go north, south east or west, just go directly in that direction until you hit a sign that is directly lined up with the previous one. At the end you'll open up a hidden staircase with Mamu the frog inside. Pay him 300 rupees and he will teach you the Song of Life. Now go to the weathercock in Mabe where Marin used to be standing at. Push it from the front, go underneath and play the Song of Life in front of the skeleton of the flying rooster. The rooster will come to life and follow you around. You can now use the rooster to fly by picking it up with the bracelet. Take the rooster up Tal Tal and use him in the cave nearby the Hen house and get the Bird Key. Then proceed east to Level 7: Eagle's Tower.

The last dungeon is in the west of the mountains. Along the way you'll have to save Marin from some monsters and talk to the owl again. When you get to Level 8: Turtle Rock, play the Song of Life and fight the turtle head which you just awoke. Now enter the dungeon.

You've defeated eight bosses and collected eight Sirens' instruments, but it's not over yet. You'll want to head up Mt. Tamarach and use the Ballad of the Wind Fish to play the instruments and crack open the egg. The owl will speak to you one more time before you plunge in. Make sure you have the following: full hearts, a dose of Crazy Tracy's medicine, all three weapon upgrades, the Master sword (from collecting 20 seashells), and if you are playing the DX version, you should have either the red or blue tunics (red is better for offense, blue is better for defense).

Go through the dark rooms until you fall down a hole. Now in a lighted room, follow the directions the book in the library had. If you got it right, you'll be at another hole. Enter it!
The Final Nightmare
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