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Link's Awakening: Tips and Tricks

  • Change Music: If you enter your name as "ZELDA" when you start a new game, the background music will be different.
  • Birds of a Feather: In Mabe Village, start slashing the chickens with your sword. If you attack long enough, a whole flock will attack.
  • Link, The Thief?!: If you want to get an item from the Shop in Mabe Village for free, just pick it off the wall and start walking circles around the shopkeeper. Then make a run for the door. If you escape with out him catching you, you'll get the item for free! However, if you enter the shop again, the shopkeeper will zap you into oblivion! And throughout the game people will call you THIEF. It's a good way to get the expensive Bow, however, but only if you're desparate.
  • Save Rupees: Here's another way to "steal" an item. The only catch is that you must have enough Rupees to buy it. As soon as the shopkeeper starts taking down your Rupees, push A, B, Select and Start. This will take you to the save game screen. Choose to save and quit. Your Rupees will still be there and so will your new item!
  • Bomb Arrows: The only problem with bombs is they don't have much range. Not any more! If you equip the Bow and Bombs, and then push both buttons together at the same time, the bomb will go flying across the screen.
  • Talkative Tagalong: When Marin tags along, she's quite talkative. She will get mad at you for breaking pots and for hitting chickens. And she really digs it when you dig with the shovel.
  • Fun and Games: When Marin's along, enter the Trendy Game. This is a hoot. She'll take the controls and move the claw so it picks up Mr. Trendy!
  • Rough Landing: If Marin is along and you fall down a ledge, and you don't move away, she'll land on you and flatten you. She's apologetic, but it still hurts!
  • Powder Power: You can do some interesting stuff with the powder. Try sprinkling it on the Ghost's Grave, the trees in front of the Seashell Mansion, and the bones in the desert.
  • Have a Heart: When you see Goombas in this game, stomp them instead of slashing them. They'll always give you a small heart.
  • Bomb for a Boomerang: After obtaining the Magnifying Glass, go to Toronbo Shores and find a bombable wall. Inside you'll find a Goriya who will trade an item for a Boomerang. Trade the Shovel. If you find you need the shovel again, you can always trade it back.
  • Find the Faerie: If you use the boomerang on a spark, it will turn into a faerie.
  • Boomerang Border: When you have the Power Bracelet, Rooster, and Boomerang, you can put all three items together to make an awesome machine. Grab on to the rooster's legs and launch the boomerang. Instead of coming back to you, the boomerang will circle around you, mowing down enemies.
  • This is the Pits: Sometimes there is a pit beneath a bush. If you pull on the bush and it won't lift up, you'll know there's a pit beneath. Be careful!
  • The Queens of Hearts: You'll come across three enemies with changing suits. When you stop them all on the same suit, they'll disappear. If you stop them all on Hearts, however, they'll turn into hearts. Replenish your life meter with this trick.
  • Alter the Enemy: Try sprinkling Powder on some enemies. They may turn into easier to defeat enemies.
  • Trendy Game Trends: Here's how to win the Trendy Game every time. Move the crane all the way over to the right edge of the conveyor belt. When the item you want is in the lower left hand corner, tap A. The crane will be able to pick it up if you do it correctly.
  • Cheap Powder: Instead of running and getting the mushroom and giving it to the Witch, just pick some up from the Trendy game.
  • Wandering Walrus: The Walrus loves the Ballad of the Wind Fish. It's what persuades him to move. If you play the Ballad on the screen he appeared on, he'll stick his head out of the water. Apparently he likes Marin's singing better because he soon ducks his head back in the drink.
  • Shielding Link: Instead of defeating the Armos Statues in the Face Shrine, just use your Shield to push them out of the way.
  • Dig the Reflection: When facing Agahnim's Shadow, use the Shovel instead of the Sword to reflect his spells. The shovel is larger and therefore easier to use.
  • Stare Down: When facing Dethl, use a boomerang instead of Arrows. He is much more hurt by those than the arrows.
  • The End: If you finish the game without losing a life, instead of a seagull flying over "THE END", a winged Marin will fly above.
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